Saturday 23 November 2013

Simple Christmas Crafts to do with the kids this weekend

So it's bitterly cold and raining and the kids are getting bored. How about trying out some of these simple Christmas crafts projects, most of which use things that you're bound to have lying around the house.

Even if you're a hopeless cook and your baking cupboard is bare, you'll still be able to make these stained-glass window baubles because they are made using toast, believe it or not !

You can also make Christmas garlands with toast using festive cookie cutters and any other pretty bits and pieces you have lying around - think popcorn, fresh cranberries, cotton wool balls or dry pasta, if you need some ideas to get you started.

How about making (and then eating !) a fabulous centrepiece for the table using Crispello?

You probably saw our Christmas cards using feathers earlier in the week.

Or you could try these ultra-simple finger painting snowmen and Christmas tree designs instead. (We actually won an ipad in a Christmas card competition with these last year, which was very cool indeed !)

Or some simple papercrafts projects to do with the kids.

Let me know how you get on if you have a go !

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  1. willl need to try some of these in the next few weeks,

  2. Great ideas!! I like the stained-glass window baubles! May have to give them a try x


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