Friday 22 November 2013

This year's Christmas card-making session

YellowMoon recently sent us through some Christmas-themed craft supplies.

As soon as I spotted the card and paper and the glittery pens, I knew this would be perfect for making this year's homemade Christmas cards with the kids.

 I was planning on sneaking away the Snow Pals pencil/ruler/rubber/pencil sharpener sets as stocking fillers but the eagle-eyed Madhouse Mini-testers spotted them and excitedly decided who wanted which colour !

On to the adornments - lots of sparkly balls and feathers in festive red, green and white colours. Hmmm time to get creative. I had visions of making angels with feathery white wings but the kids had other ideas !

Can you tell what this is that Pierre's making? 

Or what about this one?

Well, hopefully you managed to work out that it's a Christmas tree and a Father Christmas face !

Christmas-card making is usually a very messy affair, with spilt glitter, painty fingers and sticky glue-covered paint brushes repeatedly falling on the floor. This time, we experimented with the Glue Dots from the YellowMoon box and they work really well and are so much cleaner to use.

The girls wanted to make winter scene pictures too so here's one with feathers ...

And one with glittery balls.

As always, I was very impressed by their creativity and great fun was had by all. The best part is, there's still absolutely loads left so we'll be doing lots more projects in the run up to Christmas. You might like to look at what we made last year for more Christmas crafts inspiration - there are various simple Christmas craft projects here using paper and card. Actually, that's just given me an idea - I'll put together a round-up over the weekend of the Christmassy projects we've made in the past so you can try them out.

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Disclosure : I received a box full of Christmas crafting supplies from YellowMoon in order to show you what we made with them.
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  1. Oh, I love the father christmas picture, thats fantastic!
    Thanks for linking #LetKdsBeKids

  2. I bet people are going to love receiving the cards. That's if the children will let go of them.

    Popping over from #LetKidsBeKids

  3. Lovely cards! Making some cards with the kids is on my Christmas activities list :) #LetKidsBeKids


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