Friday 15 November 2013

Ahoy there Matey Bubble Bath !

OK, here's a little test to spot the children of the 70's/80's. Hands up if you remember this ! :

"Yer Matey's a bottle of fun, you put me in the bath,
I'm enjoyed by everyone, yer Matey's good for a laugh,
And while they splash in the tub, Yer Matey gets things clean,
It cleans the bath as well, there's not a mark to be seen.
Clean fun, clean kids, clean bath !"

Multi-tasking bubble bath that saves having to clean the bath - now that sounds like a marketing concept that would appeal to modern parents and should be resurrected ! I was actually quite impressed to learn that Matey has been around for 50 years.

This is the Matey I remember from my childhood and I still remember how exciting it was when you could double the fun with the brand new Miss Matey ! Well, they've had a bit of a facelift since then.

Matey is now called Max Matey, Miss Matey is Molly Matey the mermaid and there's also Peg Leg the Pirate. The product on the inside is still just the way I remember it though. It makes loads of bubbles and smells great and the kids still loved making bubble beards and bikinis so some things never change !

Matey also sent us through one of their limited edition bath books, featuring the Matey characters, which was a great way to discover the new nautical friends. The book was written by Emma Greaves, a mum of two from Surrey, who beat off competition from hundreds of other mums to get her story published. Pierre loves the idea of reading in the bath, especially with his Matey bottle looking at him from the side of the bath !

It only costs £2.37 a bottle and it's hypoallergenic with a skin-ph neutral formula, so I think we'll have to buy the rest of the gang the next time we go shopping. I just wish I could stop singing that old Matey advert now though - it's driving me mad !

Disclosure : We received a bottle of Matey and a bath book in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I used to love receiving a bottle of Matey each Christmas! I wish I would have kept the bottles of course my memories of the bottle are the same as yours, when I see them in shops it makes me wish I had my own kids to get them for, although I might have to get a bottle or two for my little cousins!

    Sharon x

  2. Just reminiscing about the graphic design work my father did for companies back in the '70's. Matey Bubble Bath was one.

  3. It started in the United States, and as a powder. During the 1960s in the US, it was out-competed in both powder and liquid forms (and with a companion shampoo) by other products and left the market there, but by then had spread overseas.


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