Saturday 9 November 2013

Product recall : Plum Baby’s new Stage 1 pouch products

Don't panic as it's only a very small number of products affected, but just in case you've bought some, see below for all the info. Please note, it's only the brand new products that have just hit the shelves in Tesco's. Seen on their Facebook page.


Dear Parents

I am writing to inform you that our new launch of Plum’s new Stage 1 pouch products (shown below), and only launched in Tesco this week, are being withdrawn.

These new recipes were temporarily produced in the US ahead of moving to the UK/EU production and we recently identified a manufacturing defect, causing a very small number of pouches to become bloated and making them unsuitable for consumption. Little of the new range has reached the shelves in Tesco and we are confident that the potential of an affected pouch reaching a consumer is unlikely. However, parents should not feed these products to their children, and consumers who have purchased affected products should discard them immediately and contact Plum for a replacement voucher.

The 6 products affected are:

Plum Stage 1 Plum, Strawberry & Barley

Plum stage 1 Courgette, Banana & Amaranth

Plum Stage 1 Blueberry, Parsnip & Buckwheat

Plum Stage 1 Mango, Carrot & Greek-Style Yogurt

Plum Stage 1 Kale, Apple & Greek-Style Yogurt

Plum Stage 1 Raspberry, Spinach & Greek-Style Yogurt

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is of the utmost importance that we provide only the best in food nutrition for our young consumers, and we feel that exercising an abundance of caution is the only way to ensure any products that do not meet our highest quality standards are removed from the marketplace entirely.

To reassure parents, it is only the brand new range shown above and in new packaging that is potentially affected. The current range in familiar packaging is NOT affected and is available in most retailers offering our normal levels of extremely high quality.

Over the years, we at Plum have worked hard to earn the reputation of a brand that provides superior, wholesome and nutritious organic food for little ones, and we fully intend on maintaining that title. Rest assured, every action is being taken to ensure that the highest standards of safety and quality are being met to provide only the very best nutrition for our children and yours.

If you have any concerns, require more information or to receive a replacement/voucher, please call us on 0800 9887023 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or send an email to


Scott Wotherspoon
MD – Plum UK

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  1. I stopped buying plum about 3 months ago. I hope no-one was seriously affected by this x


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