Friday 29 November 2013

Our Birds Eye Cowboy Party

Birds Eye have introduced some great new kids' products to their frozen food range so they asked us if we'd like to invite a few friends over to The Madhouse try them out. They sent over a fab party pack with plenty of goodies to feed hungry kids.

Here's what was on the cowboy-themed menu : the new BBQ Chicken Bites, Wild Waffles, Powerful Peas and Apple or Orange Juice. This was met with cheers of delight from the Madhouse Mini-testers - time to invite their best friends over !

The party pack even incuded disposable plates, serviettes, a plastic table cloth (which has been kept as a crafting tablecloth) and some very cute keyrings featuring Clarence the Birds Eye polar bear.

Each of the Madhouse kids invited one friend over and they excitedly helped me lay the table for six.

Time to check out the food. The Mild & Sweet BBQ Chicken Bites are just like chicken nuggets with a delicate smoky bbq flavour. The packs say that they contain 16 bites but every one of ours contained 17 ! They're made with 100% chicken breast and actually taste very nice.

The serving suggestions on the back of the pack appealed to me - with mashed potatoes and vegetables but also in a wrap with salad.

While I was getting the food ready, Pierre decided to turn the keyrings into some rather fetching Clarence earrings !

Phew, here we go - six platefuls ready and waiting to be munched !

As I went to call the kids down, I could see Juliette up to something.

She was putting one pea in each hole of the waffles (or windows, as Pierre has renamed them in our house).

This appealed to all of them so looks like it would be a great way of encouraging reticent kids to eat peas !

Now I had visions of taking photos of them tucking it but in the time it took me to go and check I'd turned the oven off and put the baking tray in the sink, they'd wolfed down the lot, shouted thanks and headed back upstairs to dance to One Direction songs ! Well, I guess that means they liked it then !

I did manage to tempt the younger kids outside to run off some steam and play with their Clarences. Pierre went back to wearing them as earrings !

He's a very sporty polar bear - he had a go at roller skating.

Then he had a ride around the car park on a bike.

He had fun riding around a scooter.

Then played hide and seek with the autumn leaves.

And all too soon, it was time to go home. The Madhouse Mini-testers have asked if we can buy the BBQ bites again (we already bought waffles quite regularly) but the best bit from my point of view is that Juliette rediscovered that she likes peas. She used to, but then she went off them, but she declared that these ones were the sweetest and nicest peas she's ever tasted and could she have them again please. 

Thanks for Birds Eye for providing all the goodies and for making Juliette love peas again !

Disclosure : I received some food and party goodies in order to write an honest review.

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