Sunday 25 November 2012

More Christmas decoration crafts with Hovis

Having seen how well the Reindeer Garland turned out the other day, we decided to try out the Christmas Baubles, which are basically Stained Glass Window Cookies but made with - you've guessed it ! - toast instead of biscuits.

Hovis had kindly provided us with everything we'd need, including some funky cookie cutters from Lakeland. Juliette set to work cutting out circles from the toast.

Then she realised she was hurting her hand pushing down on the cookie cutters so we got round that problem by putting a coaster on the top and pushing down on that instead.

Here is the instruction sheet - click on it for a bigger, readable version.

After cutting out the inner circles, you just need to put a boiled sweet in the centre of each ring.

Pierre looked a bit dubious at this stage - but I have to admit, I was as well. I've always avoided making stained glass window cookies because I was convinced they'd stick like glue to the baking sheet (as I never have any baking paper to use, as suggested).

I was also convinced the pre-cooked toast would burn if I put it back in the oven but, as you can see, it didn't. They looked fabulous when they came out of the oven - but they did stick like glue when they cooled, as I'd predicted ! I eventually managed to get them out by putting them back in the oven to go gooey then scooping up one with a spatula, stretching out the molten sweet with a cocktail stick (you literally have 30 seconds before it goes hard again !) then putting the remainder back in the oven to go soft again. We got there on the end but it was very fiddly so if anyone has a better method, I'm all ears !

Once we'd carefully threaded the ribbons through, they looked quite impressive, I have to say !

Ta-da ... more fabulous homemade festive creations using toast. Who'd have thought it ?!

And the best part is, if any accidentally break while you're making them, the kids will happily eat them !

It's great to find crafts projects using things you have around the house and it's also a great way of using up stale bread. We have one more project sheet to try out which looks very cute too so keep an eye on the blog for another festive project the kids can make.

Disclosure : I received a package of goodies from Hovis including bread, popcorn, cranberries and ribbon in order to make the decorations and blog about them.

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  1. love these. Pretty and edible. Win Win

  2. didnt think you could ever make decorations with bread, have printed this off and i am going to attempt a few with my boys

  3. Loving those stained glass decorations

  4. They look brilliant, what a fab idea, and I love the fact that if you accidentally (on purpose) break one then you have to eat it!

  5. Im with you I have tried the stain glass and if you take off while too warm they loose their shape or too cool and they stick.


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