Thursday 22 November 2012

Go Mini Freestylers Mini Cooper S review

I can't believe I'm halfway through the #12 days posts already ! It's another one primarily aimed at little boys and their dads today !

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a Go Mini Freestylers Mini Cooper S !

"Oooh it's a voiture Cars" squealed Pierre, in his inimitable franglais ! Well, I have to admit, I had to have a second look to check but no, it's not actually - this flashy red car with a cheerful face has no relation whatsoever to the blockbuster movie that Pierre has watched goodness knows how many times. It does however have the same appeal so any Cars-fans will love the range.

It is, in fact, one of GB Toys' (also known as Golden Bear) new collection, Go MINI, which is promising to bring "fast action stunts and ultimate style" to any Christmas wish list this year! I don't usually quote the press release at you, but this range is so comprehensive, I want to give you an overview of what's on offer.

GB Toys explain : "Go MINI Crew-zers are the perfect stocking filler gift to start a collection. There are five super cool styles each with its own character name, such as Chilli the red hot Crew-zer and Jaxx the patriotic royal blue dude emblazoned with a Union Jack. The show offs of the forecourt, however, are the Go MINI Stunt Racers. There are six to collect and each comes with two modes – race and stunt, with every car having a different unique stunt. The Stunt Launcher is a must have accessory and will auto charge any of the six Stunt Racer cars. Just position it on the launcher, pump up the power to see the rev counter climb and hear the engines roar. Once charged it’s ready to launch so press the start button and watch as the car speeds ahead or performs a stunt! Alternatively, the Go MINI Freestylers have their own unique and quirky features that make them a truly customised crew! Beats comes with a supped up sound box in his boot whilst Bulldog is a true Brit, complete with Union Jack decoration and a Bulldog which pops up from the roof with the press of a button. For a top of the range Go MINI then the RC Wolf Rally Car is the highlight of the show room. This remote control speed machine has lights and sounds that are activated by the steering wheel remote handset. Wolf likes to race and like any true rally car knows when to throw a skid or two - or to manoeuvre himself out of tight spots he can reverse into a quick spin. GB Toys’ Go MINI collection represents one of the finest and most exciting launches for the younger boys this Christmas. With four ranges and 17 cars to collect, each with its own name, fun features, and unique decoration there’s a Go MINI for everybody."

Wow, that's certainly a comprehensive range and I really like the idea of building up a collection over time, having seen how well it worked when Pierre started amassing his beloved Vroom Planet garage and car collection. This is great for slightly older boys (and girls) so it may well be the next big thing for him to move on to.

We received one of the Freestylers called Revs. Pierre loves the noises it makes when you make it move by pushing or pulling it. Speaking as a parent, I love the fact that it comes with the batteries already installed. Pierre is fascinated by the picture on the roof that changes from chequered to striped and back again too !

Definitely a great stocking filler for any little boy.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £14.99

Disclosure : We received a Go Mini Freestylers Mini Cooper S in order to write an honest review

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  1. They look like a bit copied to the Cars movie characters, no?

  2. Yes these do look like the characters from "Disneys Cars" - look great.

  3. My youngest son would love this, he is crazy about cars, this would make a great xmas present

  4. I am sure my husband would love this as much as my son!

  5. very cute, it does look a little like the characters from cars but i dont think thats a bad thing

  6. my son would know a Cars character anywhere! This is perfect for all aged boys!

  7. My son would love this a stocking filler.


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