Monday 19 November 2012

My fabulous Fairtrade Big Fair Bake prize package

You may remember a couple of months ago, I blogged a recipe for Fruit & Nut Honeyed Banana Bread as my entry into the Foodies 100 Big Fair Bake competition, which asked bloggers to create a recipe using at least one fairtrade ingredient. I was convinced my cupboard was bursting with fairtrade products so I was mortified to notice that, when I actually went to look, there weren't any at all ! Well, that certainly isn't the case now. I was over the moon to be picked as the winner and just look at what the postie delivered !

First of all, a fabulous hamper of Fairtrade goodies containing everything from tea, cocoa powder and chocolate to wine, brazil nuts and - would you believe it? - Maltesers and Chocolate Buttons ! I didn't know they were Fair Trade ! Plus a funky shopping bag and tea towel.

I also received this trio of lovely recipe books which are all signed by the chefs. *Squeals*

But that was only the first box ! Box two was packed to the brim with £200 worth of gorgeous retro-style kitchenware products from Tala. The vintage style mixing bowl reminds me of the bowl my nan used to use for making Christmas pudding and fruit cakes !

Some of the products are things I've never used but that my mum and nan used to use - such as the Ceramic Pie Bird and the Ceramic Baking Beans - so it's been a really lovely, nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The slightly kitsch, vintage packaging really appeals to my inner domestic goddess ! The Christmas Cookie Cutters, Icing bag Set and Icing Syring kit are just begging to get a workout in the kitchen with the kids, maybe knocking up some special iced Christmas tree cookies.

Ooooh extreme cooking ! This Cook's Blow Torch looks great fun - very Mastercheffy ! - so I may have to try out some crème brûlées.

I haven't decided yet if I'll have a first tentative foray into making my own jams and pickles or give this rather lovely Preserve Starter Set to my mother-in-law because she does make some rather nice jam. 

Some of the other bits and bobs have come in really handy already because they've replaced my old, half-broken, chipped and bashed everyday kitchen items like the measuring cups and rolling pin. The cake tins and flour/sugar/tea cannisters will look much prettier than my current mismatched ones too.

Thanks to Foodies 100 for organising the competition and to The Fairtrade Foundation for providing such a fabulous prize.

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  1. nice win, well done, happy cupboard stuffing

  2. Brilliant win, looking forward to seeing what you cook up. The Leon book is great, I use it all the time

  3. congratulations on a wonderful prize xx

  4. Wow lucky you, another amazing prize. Love the retro kitchenwear products

  5. That is lovely!!! I love baking especially with the kids

  6. What a lovely prize, very well done Cheryl xx

  7. Thanks everyone - I've been winning lots of lovely prizes lately but I think it's the comping karma. I always seem to win more when I have lots of giveaways on the go myself ! :)


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