Sunday 27 March 2016

Easter Magic at The Madhouse #Fairytaler

A few weeks ago, I told you how we were delighted to become fairytalers for the Irish Fairy Door Company and explained how our fairy door came to be installed at The Madhouse last year. Here's our cute little door, which has recently been moved into Pierre's room (he originally put it in our room because he was worried that the fairy would wake him up in the middle of the night and scare him when she came through the door !).

 There was much excitement at The Madhouse recently when the postie dropped off a package of Irish Fairy Door Company goodies, and that was even before the kids got home from school ! I admit it, I get as much fun and excitement out of the fairy door as the kids do, but not for the same reasons. I love sparking their imagination by leaving little messages in tiny writing and watching Pierre laying on the floor to shout messages through the door to his fairy friend !

Along with some decorative wall stickers to create a fairy wonderland, a story book and the little Fairy Treats plate that you can see in the top photo (the Easter Bunny doesn't just come for humans, you know !), we received this fabulous fully-working Playtime Set, which includes a swing, a seesaw, a ladder and a bike (which I think may just end up in different places all over the house, when the naughty fairy forgets to put it away when she's finished riding it during the night !). They're all intricately fashioned out of wood and metal and Juliette, who is a big Playmobil fan, immediately asked Pierre if her Playmobil characters could play on it during the daytime when the fairy's not around !

I passed the package on to Juliette and Pierre and left them doing a very good job of being interior designers, deciding what should go where.

They started off by adding the toadstool, flower, butterfly and plant stickers which all adhered perfectly to the painted surface of Pierre's wall, but they should work on wallpaper too. They stand out really well against the pale blue background.

The other sticker sheet contained Easter stickers, as well as Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas-themed stickers. I told Pierre that we could give the new Fairy area (or Fairea ?!) an Easter makeover, then swap it over at various points throughout the year, but he has never been a believer in the "less in more" concept and decided that he wanted to put them all up. Well, why not ?!

 Time to add the playground equipment ...

 How's this for a wonderful fairyland for your magical friend to play in? 

Pierre was totally enchanted and excitedly called me in to admire his handiwork, pointing out all the funky new fairy-friendly features.

 He knocked on the door and whispered, "Hey, Fairy, come and visit soon. We've got a big surprise for you and I hope you really love it " ! I'm sure she'll leave a little note in a day or two to say how much fun she's been having while he's asleep or at school !

But there was still one more surprise to leave for her ...

Some white chocolate covered blueberries from Pierre, giggling that he was pretending to be the Easter Bunny. I was secretly giggling too ... I know just how he feels !

Look out for more #Fairytaler posts over the coming months.

for more information :

Product info :
Brand new for 2016 accessory sets RRP £12.99 each (Playtime or Garden)
Wall Art RRP £5.99 each
Fairy Treat plate RRP £4.99
Fairy Force book RRP £5.99

Disclosure : As Fairytalers, we'll be receiving exciting parcels of Irish Fairy Door Company goodies to share with you.


  1. They look wonderful and love the designs

  2. They look wonderful and love the designs

  3. I have to get the collection for me...I mean lillie pops lol soooooooooooooo sweet


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