Saturday 5 March 2016

Super Yummies Toddler Snacks review

Cow & Gate Super Yummies are a new range of toddler snacks, developed by mums and nutritionists for little ones aged 12 months + (depending on the products), using carefully selected real ingredients to create new, unique and exciting tastes and textures. They sent us through a selection of their goodies to try and, even if the Madhouse kids are way beyond their toddler years (now aged 6, 11 and 14 !), they still got a positive reaction.

We started off with the Strawberry & Yogurt Pieces, which are a mixture of freeze dried fruit and yogurt drops. These must be bang on trend at the moment because we've been trying lots of different brands of freeze dried fruit snacks lately, but this is apparently the only similar product that you will find in the baby aisle. They are also available in beetroot & parsnip or banana & yogurt varieties. Even as a grown up, I loved the sweet fruity flavour and crunchy, slightly strange texture and I could see these being a huge hit with toddlers keen to try out new finger food. They are suitable from age 36 months and cost 75p for a 6g or 7g bag (what you see in the picture is the contents of one bag).

Next we tried the Apple & Orange Rice Cakes. This was the first time we've had sweet rice cakes, which seemed slightly strange to us. Sophie loved them but Pierre and Juliette weren't keen because they thought they should be savoury ! They are also available in Pear and Berries flavour. They're great as a snack on the go or for toddlers aged 12 months + to play about with as finger food. A 40g bag costs 99p which sounds expensive, but they last for quite a while because you get loads in a bag.

Pierre soon spotted the Strawberry, Kiwi & Banana fruit pouch which he polished off in minutes and declared delicious. I thought it was an interesting flavour combination - most fruit pouches contain principally apple so it made a nice change. The pouches also come in Mixed Berries & Coconut as a fruity option or Apple & Forest Fruits Greek style yogurt, giving you a simple way of upping the calcium and/or fruit intake of your hungry kids. The resealable pouches are handy for younger toddlers who won't want to eat it all in one goand the drinking spouts make these a clean option when out and about. (RRP: 99p for 100g, suitable for 12 months +.)

The final snack to be put on the hotseat (or should that be hotplate ?!)  were the Tomato & Basil Breadsticks, which are also available in a Spinach variety. They're the perfect mini size for little fingers to pick up and they have a pleasant crunchy, crumbly texture. We found them a bit bland, which is normal because they have no added salt, but they were great dipped in guacamole or salsa. They're a natural source of fibre and are the ideal finger food to keep in your handbag for giving to a fractious toddler in a pushchair to stave off a tantrum in public ! (RRP £1.69 for 100g, suitable for age 12 months +).

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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