Thursday 31 March 2016

The March Pawsomebox review

There was much excited sniffing and wagging of tails when the postie delivered this month's Pawsomebox. I don't know if Vicky and Didou are starting to recognise the boxes with their distinctive pawprint logo or whether they can smell some of the treats tucked away inside, but they seem to be much more interested in these boxes than when something arrives for me !

If you're unfamiliar with Pawsomeboxes, they are a subscription scheme for pet owners (there are Pawsomeboxes for dogs and Purrfectboxes for cats) which delivers a box of surprise goodies every month, including foodie treats, toys and useful accessories. (Click through to the pets section of my blog and scroll through the latest blogposts to see what was in the Christmas, January and February boxes.) Each box contains 5 to 6 goodies that are specially selected to correspond to the size of your dog. The scheme costs from £14.90 per month (depending on the length of subscription you choose) and you can get a £5 discount off your first box with the code ukbcskkv. In addition to treating your little fur ball, Pawsomebox and Purrfectbox have dedicated themselves to giving to animal protection charities, so for every 2 boxes thery deliver, £1 is given to a local animal organisation or association.

So what was in this month's box? Well, let's start off with the foodie treats, as that's what the Madhouse mutts were most interested in ! The Wagg Training Treats are little chicken, beef and lamb flavoured bone-shaped bites and they sent both Vicky and Didou wild ! I was surprised to see that the the sweet potato and pumpkin flavoured vegetarian sticks got an equally enthusiastic reaction. Staying on the veggie theme, after squealing in disgust when I pulled a pig's ear out of the box, I was relieved to see that is another veggie treat, made out of vegetables and potato-flavoured - phew ! It is described as a chewy toy that will promote dental hygiene, but I snapped it in half for the dogs to share and within 30 seconds, they'd gobbled it all up so I'm not sure they really had time to chew it !

There were three small toys in this month's box - a squeaky plush rabbit, a squeaky rubber pig and a tiny rope chew toy. I'd say these are more adapted to very small dogs and puppies.

This month's final product is a very handy grooming glove, which Vicky and Didou much prefer to their usual brush, because they think I'm stroking them when I'm really dealing with their matted fur. Very sneaky ! It's easier to handle too, because you can hold the dog with the hand covered in the glove if they get too wriggly, and it doesn't get snagged in their fur, unlike their brush.

As usual, it's a good balance of food, toys and functional accessories and the cost of the products, if bought separately, would be higher than the cost of the box. I love seeing Vicky and Didou getting all excited, rooting around in the box when it's arrived, and I love to discover what's hiding in there too, as there are always some big surprises. I'd never have thought of giving sweet potato and pumpkin to dogs, for example, and I was even more surprised to see that they like it !

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Nice goodies for a dog. I like the hand mitt. It will make the dogs coat shiny too.

    1. They actually really like it too, which is a bonus :)


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