Friday 11 March 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 11/3

Well, last week's menu plan got totally blown out of the water because Pierre ended up quite poorly with a really high fever and the doctor signed him off school for a week so I ended up having to come up with a lunch time plan as well as evening meals. It gave me a chance to catch up with dishes that I never got round to making on previous menu plans though. (I invariably have a day or two where the planned dish doesn't get made because we have leftovers from the day before to eat.)

It also gave me a chance to have a stock-take in my kitchen cupboards and I started with my tin of seasoning sachets. This is always overflowing because I am constantly receiving products to review or in Degustaboxes so this was what started off the whole concept of #KitchenClearout.

Pierre helped me have a good sort out so we made a list of everything that is in there and discovered that there are a whopping THIRTY FIVE sachets ! This week's menu plan is therefore all about using up as many of them as possible. It'll take more than a week though !


lunch - probably McDonalds, for the soft play - Juliette has her next appointment at the orthodontist's for her braces so it might be a rush

dinner - veg & bacon soup


lunch - roast dinner or raclette

dinner - smoked salmon bagels or leftover soup


dinner - Turkish kofte meatballs (using a seasoning mix that I bought in a Turkish supermarket while on holiday) in a tomato and pepper sauce with couscous (I might make Moroccan-style kefta tagine which includes eggs that cook in the hot sauce, or I might just do them in a frying pan, depending on how the mood takes me !)


dinner - Piri Piri Chicken with garlic & herb wedges & salad


lunch - fajitas

dinner -  French Chicken with green beans and garlic & rosemary roasties


dinner - white fish with mojito lime marinade, rice and either leeks or broccoli


dinner - fruity pork curry (I have the choice of korma, balti or rogan josh) with rice - not sure what I'll throw in but I'm thinking dried apricots and coconut, possibly some banana and apple too to keep things mellow for the kids

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