Tuesday 8 March 2016

Madhouse recipe : Chicken & Sausage Pie

This week is British Pie Week apparently. Total fluke because this was on my menu plan long before I discovered that, but it made me smile because we had Chicken & Sausage Pie for lunch and Fish Pie for dinner - both totally different recipes but both definitely pies !

Every time we have a roast chicken dinner, I'm left with about the equivalent of one chicken leg and half a chicken breast the next day. Not enough to feed a family of five but too much to throw away or give to the dogs, so I decided to pad it out with sausages and put a puff pastry lid on it. A new family favourite is born !

Chicken & Sausage Pie

ingredients :

1 pack of sausages
leftover roast chicken/potatoes/vegetables
a handful of mushrooms
2 leeks
a pack of ready made puff pastry

Start off by frying or grilling the sausages. I used Debbie & Andrews pork sausages which are lovely – really meaty and tasty – but they release very little fat, so I added a splash of olive oil. You might not need it though, depending on your sausages.

Chop the leftover cooked chicken, potatoes and vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Slice the leeks and mushrooms.

Use the juices from the sausages to fry the leeks and mushrooms, adding a knob of butter if necessary.

Chop the sausages into pieces and add to the mushrooms/leeks, then throw in the chicken mixture. 

Add some gravy – I save the leftover gravy in the fridge and reuse that the next day. I also have a new ally for thickening soups and casseroles – this tube of instant gravy which makes perfect, lump-free gravy every time.

Transfer to an ovenproof dish.

Top with the sheet of puff pastry and put in the oven at 180° for about half an hour until the pastry is golden.

 Pie & Mash always go together really well, especially for a pie like this with really rich gravy that is just begging to be mopped up and devoured.

What's your favourite pie filling? Now that I know it's Pie Week, I'm tempted to make another one !


  1. Thanks for the recipe and pics. Looks delicious. It got me thinking about pies and wondering why they are not made very often at home these days.

    1. They're so quick and simple, great way of using up the leftovers after a Sunday roast :)

  2. Whoops, I forgot pie week! Lovely pie though

  3. Oh, oh, oh, that does look so tasty! I do love a slice of a good old pie.

  4. I love Chicken and Sausage Pie its one of my favourites.

  5. Hubby loves Chicken & Sausage Pice


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