Friday 4 March 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 4/3

We're into March - time to get through some winter warmers for maybe the last time before thinking of more spring-oriented recipes. I'm going to revisit some of my past globecooking recipes to clear out some of my spices too. Looking at the pictures, none of it looks pretty this week but it tastes gorgeous !


lunch - probably McDonalds, for the soft play - if not fishfingers, rice & sweetcorn

dinner - lentil or chickpea & bacon soup


lunch - roast dinner

dinner - sandwiches or leftover soup


dinner - chicken & sausage pie with mash & peas


dinner -  chicken & sweet potato colombo from my Martinique Kitchen Trotter box


lunch - Minnesotan hotdish but this time, using creamed chicken instead of mince

dinner -  bobotie with rice


dinner - I think there will be a fridge full of leftovers by now !


dinner - I will attempt to recreate Peruvian Carapulcra with fresh instead of dehydrated potato

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  1. Wow!!Yummy .....delicious food


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