Monday 14 March 2016

Easter Crafts with Yellow Moon (review)

Easter isn't just a time for eating crateloads of chocolate - in fact, I vaguely threw out the idea about the Madhouse kids opting for a present rather than Easter eggs this year and was amazed when they leapt at the chance, so it sounds like the Easter bunny will be bringing Zayn's new CD and Tsum Tsums instead of the usual eggs this year ! But I digress, Easter isn't just about eating chocolate, it's also a great time for getting crafty with the kids. Yellow Moon sent us a fabulous selection of Easter-themed craft supplies to have fun with.

The Easter Dotty Sticker Art (pack of 8 - £3.99) is brilliant, especially for younger children, who can create something fabulous looking with minimal effort and no input needed from parents whatsoever. Inside each pack, you get eight design sheets, featuring chicks, lambs, bunnies and Easter eggs, and 16 sheets of different coloured dotty stickers. You just place the stickers, using whichever colour scheme you want, in the dots printed on the sheets to create a funky Easter design. Each sheet measures 21cm x 28cm so these would look great on the bedroom wall. It's such a fun and simple idea but I've never seen these before.

Another craft kit that is great fun for kids of all ages, from toddlers upwards, is the Bunny Mix & Match Decoration Kits (pack of 6 - £3.49), a Yellow Moon exclusive. The concept reminds me of Fuzzy Felt which I used to spend hours playing with as a child - I'm not even sure it still exists. Instead of felt, the shapes are made of soft foam. The clothes and accessories are adhesive backed so you don't even need glue, you just peel of the backing paper and stick them wherever you like on your chosen rabbit. Once you've finished, there's a hanging ribbon for you to show off your work - these would look really cheerful in a line hanging in the window.

You can't get more traditional than a basket full of Easter eggs nestling in straw and Yellow Moon have everything you need to recreate them. The Spring Basket Kits (pack of 8 - £2.95) are surprisingly simple to put together because everything is precut and the Easter Grass (£2.45 for 4 colours) and Mini Glitter Eggs (pack of 100 - was £2.50, now £1.49) are perfect for putting inside them to really finish them off. You could mix in some mini chocolate eggs too and use these as funky Easter-themed place settings.

Another idea for place settings or personalised gift boxes for the Easter bunny to leave for each member of the family are these Easter Colour-in Gift Boxes (pack of 8 - £2.75). I always want the Madhouse kids to enjoy giving as much as receiving so these are lovely to decorate and fill with little sweets or gifts for sharing with each other.

I love the idea of the Easter Wooden Shapes (pack of 10 - was £2.99, now £1.99) because they are completely open to personal intrpretation and are a great way of getting the kids' creative juices flowing. You can use them with paint, felt tips or crayons, or even stick on sequins, feathers, googly eyes, stickers, ribbons ... whatever you have lurking in the crafts box !

And finally, the 4-Part Multi Paint Pad (£3.60) which is great for finger painting, using with stampers or potato printing.

This is more of a preview than a review at the moment because Pierre has been feeling too under the weather for doing much of anything except sleeping or watching DVDs lately, but you can see how we got on with some of the other fab Easter crafts supplies available at Yellow Moon in our previous reviews, here, here and here.

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Disclosure : As Yellow Moon bloggers, we receive regular supplies of lovely crafts supplies in order to write honest reviews.


  1. These look fun. Hopefully Pierre is on the mend now

    1. He's much better than he was but still tired out and keeps falling asleep !

  2. These are so cute! I love these little craft kits to keep kids nice and busy. Plus I think it will give them great memories of growing up x

  3. Looks like great fun!


  4. lovely always love to make things with my children

  5. we've made some Easter cards for family this year & an Easter Bonnet
    Some more great ideas here though that we can have a look at

  6. Love these ideas will definitely be trying them with my son


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