Monday 7 March 2016

#KitchenClearout February roundup and March linky

I know February is the shortest month of the year but it just seemed to whizz by in the blink of an eye ! February's collection of #KitchenClearout recipes was very eclectic and cosmopolitan, just the way I like it, so keep them coming !

This Toasted Cheese Tortilla Crisp with Pico de Gallo was a very tasty and healthy way of clearing out the salad ingredients and using up some leftover roast chicken.

Perfect timing for Chinese New Year, the classic Sweet & Sour Chicken used up lots of exotic ingredients lurking in the cupboard - panela (Colombian sugar) crystallised ginger, the end of a bottle of soy sauce and also a very old bottle of ginger wine.

Alison at Dragons & Fairy Dust kept the globecooking theme going with her Moroccan Fish Stew and very sensibly used up a frozen fish that had been trying to brain her every time she opened the freezer !

I love the sound of her Chicken & Chickpea Curry too, which was definitely a great way of using up some surplus cans of chickpeas. 

These Choc Chip & Sesame Snap Cookies used up the end of a bar of plain chocolate and also the last bit of honey sesame snaps lurking in the baking cupboard.

Sweet & Sour Pork Spring Rolls were a fun way of using up the last bit of marinated pork, as well as a pack of rice paper discs that were past their sell by date !

A pack of garlic bread cluttering up the freezer was turned into a great family-friendly dinner - Garlic Bread Topped Sloppy Joes. This also used up the end of a sachet of fajita seasoning.

Staying on the American theme, I transformed some leftover cooked potatoes into a US breakfast classic, Home Fries with Green Peppers & Onions.

And finally, Coconut Prawn Laksa was a very tasty way of using up an array of stock pots and spice jars.

Fancy joining in? Have a rummage through your kitchen cupboards, spice rack, freezer or fridge and see if there's anything that needs using up then come and share your creations with us. Or if it's way past its sell-by date, throw it in the bin and come and tell us what you found ! It would be great if you could add my badge and a link to this post for anyone else who wants to get involved.


  1. A great roundup. I should have somnething a bit later :)

    1. Look forward to seeing what you've been using up ! :)

  2. I need to have one of these clear outs, too much food waste in our house


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