Tuesday 1 March 2016

Yellow Moon mother's day crafts (review)

Admit it - how happy would you be to be woken up on Sunday morning with a special homemade gift telling you you're the best mum in the world ! Well, thanks to a fabulous package of mother's day themed crafting goodies from Yellow Moon, I've already been spoilt rotten this week.

The first thing that Pierre grabbed hold of were these 'With Love' Colour-In Pet Cards (£1.99 for 8).

They feature cute animals - cat, dog, rabbit, mouse - holding a heart with an empty space for you to write the name of your special person inside. The inside is blank so these could be used for mother's day, father's day, Valentine's day, birthdays, get well soon or anything you like really. I definitely saw some of these being coloured in but they had disappeared by the time I came to take the photos - I'm sure they'll reappear on Sunday though !

There was also a pack of Mother's Day Self Adhesive Cards which are great fun. (Was £2.40, now £1.99 for 6.)

These are great fun to make. You peel each separate sticker off then sprinkle on coloured sand or glitter - just make sure you have a tray underneath to catch the surplus !

Juliette and Pierre both had their eye on the Butterfly Sewing Kits (£4.50 for 2), so luckily there were two in the pack ! They are pre-cut with holes to make things easier and the adhesive eyes and shapes really finish them off nicely.

The next two kits had them both excitedly running to their rooms to fetch their felt tips. The Flower Craft Boxes (£2.99 for 4) can be decorated with felt tips, crayons, paint or even sequins and glue and they can be used to store little treasures or to fill with small gifts such as sweets or jewellery to give away. The Heart Colour-In Jigsaw Puzzles (£2.40 for 8) could be completed with patterns or pictures drawn on them or you could print out a photo then cut it to shape for a special personalised puzzle.

Each kit only takes a few minutes to complete but they produce some really lovely items that the Madhouse kids were very proud of.

Juliette asked if she could have one of the Wooden Jewellery Hands (£2.40 for 2) and disappeared into her room.

I was really impressed when she came to show me her finished design. I thought she'd use this to show off her jewellery but apparently it's turned into a hair band storer !

Having made a dream catcher with a paper plate in the past, Pierre knew exactly what to do with the Weaving Heart Blanks (£2.50 for 10).

I left him colouring it in and was astounded to come back and find that he had not only managed to thread the needle and tie a knot but was well on the way to finishing off the dreamcatcher.

The foam and sequin Mum Rosettes (£3.49 for 6) that I showed you in the top picture are still my favourites though, surprisingly enough ! 

As usual, all of the kits and activities really appealed to the Madhouse kids. As a parent, I also love the fact that they are so easy to make with very little supervision or help.

for more information : http://www.yellowmoon.org.uk/

Disclosure : As Yellow Moon bloggers, we regularly receive exciting parcels of goodies in order to write an honest review.

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