Friday, 2 September 2011

Odd One Out ipad app review

We've been having great fun here at The Madhouse trying out various kids' apps for the ipad lately.This time, the lovely people at Punflay sent us through a code to try out their app called Odd One Out.

Described as an "educational app that will help enhance your child’s problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills", it's basically a very simple but highly addictive game that appeals to all ages, from tiny tots up to adults.

With a choice of colours, bugs, shapes and fruit, you have to watch carefully and mentally sift through the different objects moving across the screen, touching only the right colours or shapes as indicated by the instructions, which are given both visually and aurally. It reminds me a bit of the mole-bopping games you get in amusement arcades where you have to bop the critters as fast as you can with a hammer !

The bright colours and easily recognisable objects instantly appeal to children and the speed of play makes it really challenging. If you have a child who dithers and has trouble making split second decisions, this is a great game for helping them to think on their feet and react to situations quickly - all while having a lot of fun. It's good for reinforcing basic vocabulary too, for colours, fruit, insects, etc.

It's a great, simple game that kids can play with no help, perfect for whiling away a few moments while you're cooking dinner or answering an important phone call. Lots of giggles guaranteed and I bet the grown-ups won't be able to resist playing either !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : $0.99

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