Saturday 1 October 2011

Discovery : More Adventurous Tastes review

Last month, the lovely people at Discovery invited us to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with them but, sadly, we couldn't make it. They soon put a smile back on our faces though because they sent us a lovely selection of their products to try out. The girls came to investigate and instantly asked if we could have fajitas for lunch.

I actually love preparing fajitas because, as well as being a simple dish to prepare (basically everyone makes their own !), it's also a great way of sneaking vegetables on to Juliette's plate when she's not looking ! She'll happily tuck into red, green and yellow peppers, onions, avocado and tomatoes whereas normally, she'd turn her nose up after a couple of bites !

Discovery had sent us pretty much everything we needed - some sachets of Fajita Seasoning, a squeezy bottle of Soured Cream Topping, a bottle of Salsa and lots of tortillas. I quickly assembled the fresh ingredients I'd need - some chicken breasts, grated cheese, a "traffic light pack" of peppers as the girls call them because there's a red, yellow and green one (!), some tomatoes, an avocado, and a couple of onions.

I chopped up the chicken and vegetables and gently fried it all for a few minutes, adding the Fajita Seasoning and mixing it so it all got nicely covered. As you can see, I also prepare a second frying pan with the same ingredients minus the seasoning, because the kids find it too hot. It does also come in a Mild variety but they like it without the spices so I've never tried that. Our Medium Fajita Seasoning mix (see here for more information) contains a blend of chilli, garlic, coriander and oregano and adds a wonderful depth of flavour as well as a kick. I often make fajitas using a sprinkle of barbecue seasoning or chilli flakes but the seasoning mix gave it a really authentic flavour and gave the chicken the "blackened" look that you get when you go to a proper Tex-Mex restaurant.

While that was all cooking, I made up a quick batch of guacamole by whizzing the flesh of one avocado with a small piece of onion, a pinch of salt, a quick shake of the fajita seasoning, a squirt of lemon juice and a dollop of mayonnaise together.

The best part about eating fajitas is having great fun adding the fillings and rolling them up and the girls immediately took to the task at hand, adding a couple of spoonfuls of the chicken mix, some guacamole, some chopped tomato and grated cheese. Discovery had given us some of the plain tortillas we usually buy but also their Garlic & Coriander and Chili & Jalapenos ones, which add an extra depth of flavour to the finished fajitas. We have discovered that they are also great for making delicious wraps with leftover cooked meat and salad or, as an instant snack, a quick spread of mayonnaise and a slice of ham.

If you're new to Fajitas and would like to follow a recipe, you can have a look here but the absolute beauty of the dish is that everybody puts whatever they want into the tortilla to suit their tastes. This was the first time we'd tried Discovery's Soured Cream Topping (see here - we usually use crème fraîche if it's a bit too spicy, but the added sharpness of the soured cream made it even nicer, really complementing the spicy chicken) and the Medium Salsa (see here - made with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, coriander and lime juice, which packs more flavour than my usual side dish of chopped tomato, even if Juliette preferred the unadulterated tomato !).

A top tip if you're new to fajitas is to fold up the bottom of the tortilla before rolling it so that all the contents don't spill out when you pick it up to eat it ! Big smiles and clean plates all round - says it all !

star rating : 5/5

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