Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kids' app review : Me to You Colour and Sticker Fun

Admit it, as soon as you saw the Me To You Tatty Teddy bear, you went "awwww", didn't you ?! Well, when we were asked if we'd like to test out a new app featuring the cute teddy, I guessed the girls would be keen but I wasn't sure how the concept would work because it's a colouring and sticker app. Hmmm.

Nevertheless, I downloaded it to the iPad and handed it over to the girls and they both got really enthusiastic. The first part - the colouring bit - is very similar to numerous other colouring apps, but there is one really cool feature - a rainbow crayon which allows you to create really funky designs with rainbow stripes and swirls. Juliette also loved the way that the crayons get blunt as you use them and you need to click to make them sharp again !

But the nifty part is, you can then transform your colouring pages into stickers, which you can transfer over to the full-coloured scenes, just as you would with a sticker play set. The girls had great fun customising the stickers and creating their own virtual Tatty Teddy world.

There are 27 sticker scenes to colour, four sticker book backgrounds and 13 coloured crayons to choose from so you can let your imagination go wild !

When you've finished colouring, there are also little coloured stampers that you can use to add the finishing touches to your pictures.

I'm sure they'll get fed up with it after a while but at the moment, the girls are having great fun getting creative. The added bonus for me is that I don't have to peel rogue stickers off the floor or try to get felt tip pen stains out of their clothes !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.49

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