Friday, 7 December 2012

Profoundly In Love With Pandora - John Greed Blogger Challenge

Being a child of the eighties, I remember that Adrian Mole was profoundly in love with Pandora - Ian Dury even wrote a song with that as the title ! - and, having looked through John Greed Jewellery's Pandora Collection, I have to say that I am too now !

Filled with festive cheer, John Greed Jewellery have launched an exciting blogger challenge that asks bloggers to get their creativity going into overdrive so when they tweeted me about it, I headed off to have a look. The brief is : "Create your dream Pandora Charm Bracelet - using any number of Pandora charms and bracelet - the more stylish/creative/personal the better! The only rule is that it can't be over £250!"

The website explains : "Pandora charms are designed for you to remember your special moments, celebrate events and mark occasions. Show, commemorate and celebrate your love with Pandora" so I browsed through the extensive collection, looking for charms that would have special significance for me.

Profoundly In Love With Pandora

Profoundly In Love With Pandora by cherylp59 featuring a charm pendant

First up, I needed a blank canvas and I love the colours and simplicity of the Pandora Single Woven White Leather and Silver Starter Bracelet which costs £40.

Off to find some charms that represent the special people in my life :

The Silver Girl charm instantly reminded me of of Juliette because I think it looks a bit like her (£25)

The Silver Chinese Lucky Cat (£30) makes me smile and think of Pierre because there is a house on the way to the shops with a few in the window and he always stops and waves at them all with a huge grin on his face

The Silver Angel of Hope (£30) represents Angel, our angel baby, the girls' little sister and Pierre's big sister who wasn't meant to be

The London Bus Charm (£40) has Sophie written all over it - since our trip to London this summer, she has a passion for everything and anything that represents London and her room (and often herself too) is usually festooned in Union Jack memorabilia

That's the kids done, so I'd better not leave out Madhouse Daddy Mike - he's French so this Silver Frog Charm (£20) is the perfect tongue-in-cheek representation of my dear hubby !

The Babushka Charm (£35) reminds me of my home town, Hastings, and the fabulous "From Russia With Love" shop that I used to love browsing in, marvelling at the huge collection of Russian dolls

And the Silver Crown Charm (£25) is the perfect reminder of this fabulous year that is drawing to a close and that reminded us all how Great it is to be British, with a subtle nod to Kate and William's lovely news this week.

Grand total - £245. I saw loads of lovely filler beads and spacers that would look brilliant in between all these charms but they could be added at a later date - it's great to have a gift that you can add to, asking people to buy you a new bead for birthdays or Christmas. The best thing is creating a unique piece of jewellery that has a wonderfully personal significance, packed with memories and hidden meanings that wouldn't mean anything at all to anyone except yourself if they saw it.

Disclosure : This is my entry to the John Greed Jewellery Pandora Blogger Challenge.

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  1. wow a nice bracelet, and all put together with such love and thought behind each charm.


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