Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wham Rocket review

I love it when old brands that were an integral part of my childhood make a comeback so I was very excited when asked if I'd like to try out some Wham Rockets, a brand new twist on the Wham chewy bars that I remember buying at the school tuck shop. (Could you imagine schools these days running a shop on school grounds selling crisps, penny sweets, chocolate bars and cans of fizzy pop at breaktime?! What would Jamie Oliver say about that ?!)

Well, Wham, the iconic 80s chew bar, has teamed up with top UK futurologist, Lyndon Gee, to find out what new and exciting flavours of sweets will exist in the next 10 years. They conclude : "Ask any child what the sweets of the future will look like and you’ll hear exploding candy, sweets that can fly... but how about cabbage and cranberry toffee ? According to a top UK food futurologist, Lyndon Gee, this is the future of confectionery, where interactive and morphing sweets are not as far away as you’d think! According to the futurology report, which has been developed to mark the launch of Wham Rocket, an exciting new sweet that takes the classic elements of a Wham bar, mixes them up, and creates a totally new, futuristic way to enjoy them, the next generation of confectionery will push us far beyond our limits... and it’s only 10-20 years away. From interactive experiences, to flavours and textures that can morph from one into another, confectionery is set to become so radical it will make our sweet tooth tremble." Hmmm I think Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have a lot to answer for !

So what exactly is a Wham Rocket ? Well, if you remember the raspberry flavour of the original chewy bars, that's still there but it's been transformed into fizzy sherbert. Add in a foam dipping stick and crunchy sugar space rocks and you have a souped-up cross between a Sherbert Fountain and a Double Dip !

As a grown up, I found the sherbert way too sour but the Madhouse Mini-testers loved it (just as they loved the faces I pulled when I tasted it !). The "futurologist" aspect of being able to personalise your sweet-eating experience and morph your sweet as you eat it comes from the fact that the dipping stick allows you to take as little or as much sour sherbert as you like each time.

If it all gets a bit too intense, it also comes in a resealable packet which is great news because you don't have to eat the whole lot in one go.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : 45p

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Disclosure : We received some Wham Rockets in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Yes, remember them well! Almost got toothache reading this - I must be getting old!


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