Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Which family photo would you pick as a personalised mobile skin?

That sounds a bit creepy actually but I mean a protective cover for your mobile devices, not some sort of strange tattoo ! Here's the one that I'd pick because it always makes me smile :

inToro Skins, who let you create custom designed skins for all your favourite devices using your own photos, have been in touch to say that they are getting in the Christmas spirit this year and running a competition for mothers and their families.

  All you need to do to enter is send them, through Facebook or Twitter, your best family picture - one that you would want on your mobile skin - with the tag inToroFam. The team at inToro will choose the top 10 photos, from which their fans and followers can vote on the winner.
The winning family will each get a free skin, for whatever device they like with that picture on it. The campaign will be running from the 5th - 19th of December.

inToro’s skins are precision-engineered to fit each device perfectly. They are made with high-quality 3M vinyl and coated with ultra-clear protective film, providing a high gloss finish that improves colour vividness and makes the skin waterproof, fade-resistant and extremely durable. They offer a 2 year warranty on each and every skin. 

for more information :

Disclosure : This is my entry into the competition.

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