Thursday 6 March 2014

New globe-cooking destination : Peru !

I was gutted last month when Kitchen Nomad announced that they were stopping their world-cuisine subscription service but I jumped online and within minutes had found a replacement - Kitchen Trotter, which is basically the same thing in France. My globe-cooking adventure will continue !

I always love the moment the box arrives and you get your first peek, trying to guess what this month's mystery destination is. I could see Spanish words so I guessed South America ...

The cards gave a bit more a clue and my gut instinct was confirmed - this month, the destination is Peru. Ooh, what on earth do they eat in Peru ?!

Well, I'll look at the recipe cards in a bit but first I want to see the ingredients. A few of them are instantly recognisable but there are a few that I have no idea about.

I thought this looked like crystallised ginger but it's actually dried potato ! 

This one left me perplexed too and looking at the card describing all the products, it's hardly surprising - it's made from purple corn, which is widespread in Peru but I'd never heard of ! It can be made into a dessert with pineapple and cinnamon which sounds like it should work - I think !

The picture on the label gives this one away - a spread made from yellow chillis.

Now maca, I have actually heard of because - ahem ! - it was one of the products that we were sent through for our cheeky Valentine's day aphrodisiac test ! It's nicknamed Peruvian ginseng and is meant to give the whole body a boost.

I've vaguely heard of Ceviche too but no more than knowing it involves fish, so I'm looking forward to trying out this seasoning mix. Madhouse Daddy is never keen on fish and neither are the kids, so hopefully this might win them round.

Peru Dark Chocolate - no further explanation needed !

The final two products are for seasoning - Maras salt and the intriguingly named Diamond of Salt with Summer Truffle.

Pierre had been helping me unpack the goodies and was delighted to discover a couple of goodies - a fridge magnet and a cute little donkey finger puppet !

So, what are we going to be discovering this month then? Mazamorra Morada with Rice Pudding and Maca.

Next up, Sole and Sweet Potato Ceviche.

Carapulcra, which is a Peruvian meat & potato stew.

I did a bit of a double take for the final recipe card because I thought it looked the same as the last one ! It's for Aji de Gallina, which is Peruvian Spicy Creamed Chicken.

I'll be sorting out my menu plan for next week with the accompanying shopping list tomorrow, so I'll have to make sure we stock up on everything I need !

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