Saturday 22 March 2014

What's cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 21/3

I can always tell it's been a busy week when I don't get time to menu-plan before Saturday morning ! I'm in the middle of filling in school reports and have some after-school meetings coming up over the next fortnight so I may need some cooking short-cuts to keep on top of things. I can't resist trying out some new, exotic globe-cooking recipes to keep things interesting though !


lunch - Madhouse Daddy is at a languages conference for work so we'll call in to see him and eat together in town somewhere

dinner - homemade soup - I think I fancy French Onion soup with cheesy croutons for a change :)


lunch -  The Madhouse grandparents are coming over for the day - roast dinner, probably chicken, because the weather doesn't look like it'll hold out for a bbq, and I'd better knock up a cake for dessert :)

dinner -  leftover soup for the grown-ups, toasties for the kids or just fridge-grazing, if there are lots of interesting nibbles/leftovers


dinner - Beer-Doused Ham Hock (this actually got made last week so I'll swap over with something that got bumped off last week's menu plan)


dinner - I have a meeting so something quick involving pasta - maybe carbonara with leeks/mushrooms/bacon/onions in the sauce - or maybe a pasta bake if I still have to help with himework when I get in


lunch - Corned Beef rissoles with beans/peas and root veg mash

dinner - some sort of smoked sausage casserole with rice, loosely based on feijoada (I'll tell you how it turns out !)


dinner - Kofte meatballs with couscous and ratatouille


dinner - I think there should be lots of leftovers to use up - if not, salmon and spinach filo parcels with new potatoes and veg

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  1. Ohh yum! Everything sounds so good! I'm liking the sound of the Corned Beef rissoles x


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