Thursday 20 March 2014

Globe-cooking recipe : Chunky Savoie Salad (France)

My salads usually end up being open-the-fridge-and-throw-together-whatever-you-can-find efforts. That's not to say we haven't come up with some great combinations in the past - Sunshine Cod & Mango Salad, Olive, Cheese & Couscous SaladChicken Fajita Salad and Beef, Olive & Nectarine Salad are all experiments that worked really well - but it seemed a bit strange following a recipe for a salad.

Nevertheless, when I saw Chunky Savoie Salad as one of the recipes in the French Kitchen Nomad box, I wanted to give it a try.

The first job was to make the vinaigrette by toasting the walnuts in a dry pan, finely chopping them then mixing them with 50ml sunflower oil and 2tbsp white wine vinegar.

Once that was done, it was just a case of tossing together lettuce, apple and cucumber in the vinaigrette and serving it on a plate topped with bacon lardons, croutons and cheese shavings.

What's great about this salad is that it's complete enough for the younger Madhouse residents to eat without the lettuce leaves ("a salad without salad" as they call it !). I added some extra cherry tomatoes for them instead.

I'm joining in with the World Cup recipe challenge over on the Cooking Around The World blog

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  1. I love to find new salad recipes and this sounds great.

  2. Love the sound of toasted walnuts. I love nuts and seeds in salads.

  3. It's always good to have a good salad.


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