Thursday 27 March 2014

Picture book review : How To Catch A Star 10th anniversary edition

It's hard to believe but Oliver Jeffers' classic kids' picture book How to Catch a Star is ten years old. To mark the occasion, we received a fantastic pack containing a copy of the book and some lovely little extras.

Pierre was delighted to discover the book. He was enchanted by the story and also the illustrations. In an accompanying letter, the author explains how the book came to be. He says : "The story for this book began when I was sitting on the pier of a fish market eating cheap shrimp and counting the star s around the poles. I caught the re flection of an early evening star in the water below, which immediately reminded me of an old Brer Rabbit story, The Moon in the Mill Pond, and there on the spot, I made a single drawing of someone physically trying to catch a star in my sketchbook. As I thought about how many variations there were of attempting this task, my collection of drawings began to grow, and before long I realised I had the bones of a picture book."

Pierre was even more delighted to catch his very own star - several of them in fact - and we had to stop everything and immediately go and stick them on his bedroom wall !

There was much excitement at bedtime when we turned off the lights and they started glowing. Pierre's face was a picture but it was too dark to catch on camera.

There were also some lovely activity sheets in the box which Pierre worked his way through. I love the way big sister Juliette helped him get his numbers in order for the dot-to-dot.

His face is an absolute picture of concentration !

How proud does he look?!

Juliette also helped out with the spot the differences.

But Pierre was determined to do the maze all by himself !

He had great fun untangling the lines to work out which one led to the star.

Then he wanted to show off how good he is at cutting now by trying his hand at the mobile.

The worksheets kept him occupied for the best part of the morning. The great news is, you can download them youself by clicking here.

10th Anniversary of Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star
Hardback gift edition
Out on 27 March 2014
For ages 2 to 7 years

Disclosure : We received the pack in order to write an honest review.

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    1. You can buy them on amazon UK who deliver internationally, or they are probably on the American amazon site too.

  2. I love Oliver Jeffers, his illustrations are adorable and his stories are so good


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