Sunday 30 March 2014

Yellow Moon Easter Crafts range review

Easter is always a great time for crafts sessions with the kids so we were over the moon (the yellow moon?!) to receive this fabulous selection of crafty supplies from Yellow Moon and their parent company Baker Ross. I'm always really impressed that they manage to select simple projects that appeal to a 4, 9 and 12-year-old - I often have to wrack my brains for something that has universal appeal but they rose to the challenge once again.

I decided to start off with a simple activity that required no supervision while I sorted out the rest of the box and pulled out this Easter Charms Bracelet Kit which contains three kits - absolutely perfect ! (RRP £3.49)

 All three of the Madhouse Mini-testers, regardless of age or sex, jumped straight in and started threading their plastic beads and metal charms onto their elastic threads.

I didn't hear a peep out of any of them for the next 10 minutes ! This made me think that this would be a great activity for a kids' party.

The finished bracelets are very cute and the kids were totally wowed by the Easter-themed charms.

While they were busy making their bracelets, I unpacked the rest of the box and discovered these Cross Ceramic Tealight Holders. (RRP £4.95 for 4 - perfect for Easter but other designs are available if you want to avoid religious connotations.) They're plain white with a porous surface and are just begging to be customised. 

So it was rather fortunate that the box also contained a pack of funky Giotto Metallic Deco Pens (£3.99 for a pack of 5). These are fabulous - they have really lovely, shiny colours (Gold, Silver, Magenta, Blue Metal & Bronze) and can be used on almost any surface including wood, glass, porcelain, stone and plastic. I already have a zillion different projects in mind for these during the next school holidays.

Everyone's creativity came to the fore as they excitedly covered every square centimetre of pure white porcelain.

The pens are much easier to handle than paints for fine detail and they are also a much less messy option so it's a win-win situation !

We were all really impressed with the finished designs.

But this project still wasn't finished, it just kept getting better ! There was also a box of plain white egg-shaped candles and - something I'd never heard of before - a pack of Candle Pens. These remind me a bit of a cross between poster paint and glitter glue pens and they contain liquid wax - make sure you put down a plastic table cloth and keep a pack of wet wipes handy as you will end up getting quite messy ! They're great fun though and making a personalised candle AND candle holder would make for a really special, unique present idea. (RRP £12.99 for an Egg Candle Kit containing 10 egg candles and 5 candle pens)

After washing everyone's hands and putting the candles and candle holders in a safe place to dry, we got out the final items from the box - some pastel-coloured blank cards (£2.99 for 12) and these ultra-cute and brightly coloured Easter-themed holographic stickers (£1.99 for 60).

They all had great fun making Easter cards by sticking about a million stickers on each one (on the front, on the inside and yep, you guessed it, even on the back !).

We had a lovely afternoon of crafting and produced some really impressive gifts - we still haven't quite decided whether to keep the candles/candleholders for us or give them away to special people. Pierre thought about giving one to his childminder and Juliette mentioned her teacher at the end of the year, then they both said "oh no, I think I'll keep it for me" !

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review and show you what we made.

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