Monday 24 March 2014

Mummy Pig Mother's Day range at ASDA review

When the Madhouse kiddies want to spend their hard-saved pocket money on a mothers' day gift for me, I always try to think of something that they will enjoy and profit from as much as me. I'm obviously not the only one because ASDA have some lovely Mummy Pig goodies on the shelves just in time for mothers' day.

Pierre was delighted to discover this duo of wash mitts featuring Mummy Pig and ... well, there's a bit of disagreement over whether the little one is Peppa or George !  Either way, one is just the right size for a child's hand and one is mummy sized. Pierre thought they were glove puppets initially.

When I told him they were wash mitts for washing his face or playing in the bath, he had a quick practice then asked if he could go and wash his face to try them !

The second gift that we received from the range was this cute My Mummy board book. It actually reminded us quite a lot of the classic My Mum book by Anthony Browne (you can see our review of that one here) but I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. The book tells us that Mummy Pig is very serious (about playing), reads maps (then makes paper aeroplanes out of them), can do anything she sets her mind to (especially if someone tells her she can't do it !)and is very neat and tidy (but loves jumping in muddy puddles).

It's a lovely light-hearted look at all the compromises and contradictions that being a mum is all about and the Madhouse Mini-testers loved the brightly coloured pictures showing Mummy Pig, Peppa and George having all sorts of fun. It's a heartwarming book about being a great mum that will make you smile, then make you smile even more when you see how happy the kids are reading it !

If you want something just for you, I love the look of these cute World's Best Mummy pyjamas that are also on sale at ASDA for £13.

This is a limited edition range for mother's day so get in quick though !

Disclosure : We received the wash mitts and book in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Peppa Pig products are so cute, the wash mits are a great idea ;)

  2. ive been trying to get these pyjamas for weeks, sold out of the size I want online and not seen them in the shops :(

  3. Love this pyjamas, they are very cute!


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