Tuesday 11 March 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Carnival Mayhem on the Beach !

This weekend Juliette announced that she hates carnival - too much noise, too many crowds and too many drunk people, as she said - but Sophie and Pierre, not to mention Madhouse Daddy, love it. We therefore decided to go our separate ways for our Sunday afternoon outing and all met up at the end.

After some fabulous seal spotting, we headed off to a sculpture garden built around an old World War II bunker and went climbing up and down the hilly paths.

Juliette went hiding in the standing stones and if you look in the background, you can see some of the carnival-goers.

We decided to head to the beach for a stroll along the sand but about a zillion other carnival-goers and families had decided to do the same thing !

It always seems weird seeing carnival-goers on the beach because they seem totally out of place ! Some of them were even at the water's edge dipping their toes in the sea in full fancy dress !

Even some four-legged friends got in carnival spirit !

Juliette found a quiet(ish) spot on the sand.

Well, OK, maybe not that quiet then !

She built sandcastles while I had a giggle at the passers-by.

Some of them were all partied out and had decided to sunbathe instead.

Where else but Dunkirk could you walk along a public beach dressed like the gentleman on the bottom right corner accompanied by your daughter without anyone batting an eyelid ?!

Despite everyone having more than a few drinks, there's a really friendly, happy atmosphere.

This young man had me in hysterics. Can you guess what he's got in his hand?

A pair of granny pants that he proceeded to put on in the middle of the crowded beach, almost falling over in the process !

Ahh, the big umbrellas are appearing so the main procession is about to arrive.

Time to go and find Madhouse Daddy, Sophie and Pierre. Thank goodness for mobile phones !

I pointed out this man with a big fish on his back to Juliette (remember I told you about the importance of kippers here ?) then realised that they were all weeing up a totally see-through railing. What was the point? It wasn't going to offer them any privacy, was it ?!

Aha, here's a little face I recognise ! Found them - phew !

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  1. Wow! It's been ages I haven't been to the Dunkerke Carnival Festival! The weather was lovely, lucky you!

  2. That looks like such an amazing event! Although I can see why Juliette didn't want to hang around in crowds of drunk people


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