Thursday 27 March 2014

Globe-cooking recipe (Peru) : Sweet Potato & Halibut Ceviche

This was the recipe that I decided to try from the Peruvian-themed Kitchen Trotter box today. It was suggested as a starter but we had it as a main course.

This was the star ingredient - Seasoning Mix for Cebiche Base.

First job was to chop and boil the sweet potato. This was a first as I usually make sweet potato wedges and bake them in the oven. It worked really well though and gave a softer texture that the kids would probably prefer. 

The Ceviche mix needs to be blended with water and Maras Salt.

You chop the fish - in our case halibut instead of sole but you can use any white fish - and mix it in the marinade. I had a bit of a shock when I read the recipe card and discovered that the acidity of the mixture delicately cooks the fish with no actual cooking involved. I was extremely dubious about this but I had an extremely tentative taste after 10 minutes and was won over. It has a really soft texture and fresh flavour and it must actually be a really healthy way of eating fish.

The recipe also called for a raw red onion garnish but I decided to quickly fry off some onions instead. To serve, pile up the fish on the sweet potato and top with onions and fresh coriander.

This recipe took me out of my comfort zone, not in the preparation but in the eating, but it was surprisingly nice. That is the beauty of globe-cooking after all !

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