Sunday 16 March 2014

Our farmers' market haul !

I haven't picked up a veg box for a while - I was never signed up to an official scheme, I just used to pick up a selection of goodies from one of the stallholders once a week - but the market got moved and it all ground to a halt. This week, spurned on by the blue skies and bright sunshine, I decided to stock up on some interesting fruit and veg. 

My first interesting find was these beans which I think are Paimpol coco beans - not sure what to do with those but I'll find something.

And another new find (for me) was orange tomatoes - they taste much the same as red tomatoes but look pretty if you mix them up with red ones.

I also got some apples, pears, oranges, kiwis, yellow plums, endives (chicory), grapes, red pepper, mushrooms, avocadoes, cucumbers and loads of cherry tomatoes. Looks like I might have to adapt this week's menu plan to fit in all these extra goodies !

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  1. Yum, must find a decent market

  2. so jealous, I could do with a market veg box!

  3. We have a local market on a Friday - more of a flea market - however, there is a 'veg man' on there and he's recently started doing 'veg bags' containing 7 items - usually onions, potatoes, swede, carrots, sprouts, broccoli/cauliflower and half a cabbage for £2.00! Just £2.00! There's no way you'd be able to do that in a supermarket. I buy 2 veg bags a week from him now, along with strawberries - 2 punnets for £1.50. He sees me coming and does me a bag up if he has none left. He also does 'soup bags' containing veggies to make soup - leeks, potatoes, carrots etc. Great value for money and lasts for weeks in the fridge! x


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