Monday 3 March 2014

Would you eat these ?!

I can empathise with GBBO winner John Whaite's expression here - I can't decide if these have wow-factor or eww-factor !

I must admit the attention to detail is amazing though because, believe it or not, they're sugarcraft creations !

Judging by the kids in the picture, they seem to be amused rather than put off.

These are just some of the many sugarcraft creepie crawlies taken from what is expected to be the UK's biggest cake installation at the Cake & Bake Show Manchester, from 4-6 April.

After the success of last year's sell out Cake & Bake Show, the country's biggest baking event is returning to Manchester. Celebrities at the show include John Whaite, Rosemary Shrager, Simon Rimmer, Eric Lanlard, Britain's Best Bakery's Mich Turner & Peter Sidwell as well as this year's Great British Bake Off winner Frances Quinn and her fellow contestants.

“Welcome to the Jungle”, the life-size edible jungle cake installation, is being created by CakeBomb, a collaborative team of 17 cake artists and bakers, and will have taken around 6000 hours to create. It is expected to be the most ambitious cake and decorative sugarcraft installation the UK has ever seen.

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  1. Oh wow they look amazing! I don't know if I could ever eat them though they look too real


  2. Amazing, but not for me, thank you! :)

  3. It's weird how something we now know is made of sugar and everything sweet can look so horrible, and I wouldn't put any in my mouth. Perhaps I should stick pictures of insects on our chocolate bars!

  4. they look so realistic, not sure if I could put them in my mouth.


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