Monday 31 March 2014

Did you win anything nice in March?

Well, up until a couple of days ago, I thought this was going to be an incredibly short roundup. My one and only win for the month was a White One pouch from Ella's Kitchen !

Then I received an Easter activity pack from California Raisins.

Then within two days, I got two lovely wem's (that's winning emails for any of you who aren't keen compers). The first was for a hamper of pamper treats for mum - not sure what will be in that yet but it sounds nice. And the second one was from Lee Kum Kee on twitter.

What about you? I love hearing about all your lovely wins so feel free to share your wins in the comments :)

You might like to try your luck entering my giveaways too !

Giveaway #378 : Win 3 months' supply of KeraFiber - closing date 8/4

Giveaway #375 : Win a Take A Box Of Eggs recipe book - closing date 3/4


  1. I got a white pouch and an activity pack too!!!

  2. I think I had one of the best ever months; prizes almost averaged at one a day ranging from Tomato seeds, various shopping vouchers, Pandora bracelet & 'Mum' charm and the big one - an iPad 4 32GB which is just what I wanted. Will probably win nothing now in April. Good luck to you!

  3. Well done, Cheryl! Not much in March, I had two wins: £50 voucher for rubbersoles and Delia's cakes book and a cake tin from Rachel's Organic. Hoping for a better April. :) Good luck to us!


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