Monday 31 March 2014

4M Cool Colour Wristlets review

Sophie and Juliette both love craft kits so when we were given the chance to review a kit from 4M, we jumped at the chance. We received the Cool Colour Wristlets kit, which is suitable for ages 8+.

The box is quite small but contains everything you need to make 4 wristlets. I like the fact that this reduces excess packaging and also takes up less space on the bedroom shelf. The back of the box clearly shows the contents of the kit : 4 lengths of plastic thread, 4 little charms, 4 chains, 4 jump rings, 4 clasps and a safety pin.

The only thing you need to add is a bit of sticky tape, a ruler and a pair of scissors. We tipped everything out and cut the thread to the right length.

Sophie is a dab hand at making scoobies (or scoubidous as they're called in France - I didn't know they originated in France !) so I thought she'd find these really easy. You use the safety pin to attach the chain to a cushion (or, in Sophie's case, her onesie !) then push a small piece of thread through and make it into a loop with sellotape. Then you thread the longer piece through and basically make a scoubidou, finishing it off with a jump ring, a charm and a clasp. The instructions weren't very clear though and Sophie ended up tying herself up in knots, rather than the thread !

We have since discovered this video tutorial which makes it easier to understand what to put where. We'll have to have another go because at the moment, the project has been abandoned half completed in favour of the easier bracelet kits that we've received lately. Having had a look around at a few other reviews, lots of people seem to be saying that it's very fiddly until you get the knack so this is definitely better for older children with good coordination and lots of patience ! We will persevere though because the finished bracelets look great.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £9.95

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. what a cute craft idea, I would have loved that was I was younger


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