Thursday 6 November 2014

Amazing Bling with Meaning ! #RealEffectBlogComp

Having spotted news on The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover blog about an exciting blogger competition, I popped over to have a look at The Real Effect Jewellery's website to see what I'd think. I'm not actually that much of a jewellery person - I never usually wear any apart from ear-rings, my wedding ring, my engagement ring and a necklace that belonged to my mum - but I have to say, I was impressed, not just at the pieces on offer but also the prices.

I'm not overly keen on bling for bling's sake, I like my jewellery to have a sentimental value too. As I mentioned, I always wear a necklace that belonged to my mum and my favourite earrings are little blue evil eye pendants that remind me of our recent trip to Turkey. I love the fact that there are some really special designs in the Real Effect collection that can be used to pass on a heartfelt message. When I gave birth to Sophie, our first baby (but she's certainly not a baby any more !), Madhouse Daddy bought me a lovely bracelet to say thank you for giving him (us) such a fabulous gift. This silver baby shoe pendant necklace would be ideal for giving to a new mum to welcome a new addition to the family - rather than add another tiny outfit to the new baby's already overstuffed wardrobe, pamper the new mum instead and give her a lovely keepsake that she'll cherish forever ! It costs £43.95 but looks like it should have a much heftier price tag.

As a mum-of-three, this pendant also leapt out at me. It features three hearts, one to represent each of my children, and I know I'd always smile when I looked at it, knowing the secret message hidden within the beautiful sterling silver and stone design. Even without the hidden meaning, it's a beautiful pendant that any woman, whatever her age, would cherish. It costs £46.90 which only works out at just over £15 a child - an absolute bargain if you ask me !!

If you fancy popping over to see what takes your fancy, do let me know which pieces appeal to you - I'm nosy like that ! It's the perfect time to start dropping less-than-subtle hints about what you'd like for Christmas from your other half, so you might like to "accidentally" leave the page open on your tablet or laptop !

Disclosure : This is my entry in the #RealEffectBlogComp

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  1. Thank you for your entry Cheryl, into the competition. I wish you lots of luck!


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