Friday 28 November 2014

What's Cooking At The Madhouse? menu plan 28/11/14

I managed to clear a bit of space in my kitchen cupboard this week - things no longer fall out when I open the door ! - so I'm going to try to keep the momentum going and use up some more things that have been lurking in there for a while. Especially as I put in a big order of American products today from, a company I discovered in my Degustabox last month - yum, that's one of my Christmas presents to me sorted ! I'll definitely be needing that cupboard space though !


lunch - McDonald's or something because we're off Christmas shopping at a big shopping centre (wish us luck !)

dinner - homemade veggie soup and some sundried tomato & parmesan bread that I made


lunch - roast chicken or pork with roast potatoes and veggies or we might do pierrade for a change

dinner - leftover soup or porridge


dinner - spaghetti carbonara


dinner - baked potatoes with tuna & mayonnaise and salad


lunch - spicy chicken, rice and creamy courgette bake

dinner - bacon and bean casserole with root veg mash


dinner - pesto, bacon & mushroom lasagne


dinner - smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels

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