Saturday 29 November 2014

Put some seasonal cheer into the seasonal chores ! (review)

When Tesco emailed me about their new and exclusive range of method cleaning products, I got very excited. I absolutely adore their beautiful, feel-good fragrances that make the house smell lovely and put a smile on my face while I'm cleaning it (which is no mean feat !). The scent-sational fragrances (sorry !) aren't the only thing I love about them though - they also have amazing eco-friendly credentials. The icing on the cake is their quirky sense of humour and vibrant packaging which looks great behind the kitchen sink.

I received a Limited Edition Honeycomb Apple Dish Soap which does smell as lovely as it sounds. Imagine the juicy fresh crispness of biting into a tart green apple with an undercurrent of sweetness coming through. It's not quite as powerful on really greasy dishes as the big brands of washing-up liquid and I do find that I have to reapply it to my sponge more often than usual, but I think that's a compromise that you have to be prepared to accept if you want a product free from chemical nasties. The Dish Soap costs £2.50 for 630g and comes in a handy pump action bottle. You can complete the Honeycomb Apple fragranced-collection with the Gel Hand Wash (£2.49 for 399g) and All Purpose Cleaner (£3 for 901g).

I also received one of their new planet-friendly air fresheners from the Air range, made with a non-toxic formula and designed with revolutionary pressurised air technology, free from propellants and CFCs. Unlike traditional aerosol air fresheners, these natural born cleaners are packed in an air-tight chamber powered by pure compressed air for a steady, even spray down to the very last drop. The clear recycled plastic bottles allow you to see exactly how much is left in the bottle so you know when you need to buy another one.

We received Wild Poppy, which seemed very apt after visiting the Poppies at The Tower a few weeks ago. It smells lovely, although I'd probably be more inclined to use this one in the springtime and go for a warmer vanilla/cinnamon/orange type of fragrance for the Christmas period. There are three other fragrances available - Beach Sage (for the clean scent of the beach on a misty morning), Lavender or Sweet Tangerine (aha, there's my festive fragrance sorted !). Each of the air fresheners costs £3.50 for 270g.

All of these products are available exclusively at Tesco's.
 For more information :

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory4 December 2014 at 20:47

    Like the sound of these. Thanks for the review

  2. Look and sound like good products.

    Rachel Craig


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