Thursday 20 November 2014

Madhouse recipe : Flaky Festive Puffs

Hot on the heels of my Jammy Swirls recipe, here is the second festive treat that I made using the Mackays Christmas preserves that I told you about earlier. They are so quick and simple to make but they look great and taste divine.

Flaky Festive Puffs

ingredients (makes 4) :

1 ready-bought sheet of flaky pastry
4tbsp Mackays Christmas Marmalade
4 squares dark chocolate
4tsp dried cranberries

Cut the flaky pastry into four equal pieces. (Mine was round but it would work just as well with a square.)

I had some extra dark chocolate with 90% cocoa solids from my latest Degustabox  which has a bitter edge that works well with the tangy marmalade.

On one side of each flaky pastry piece (imagine a line down the centre where you will be folding it over and stick to one side - don't overfill or it will all splurge out !), spread 1tbsp of Christmas marmalade and top with 1tsp of dried cranberries and one square of chocolate, broken into pieces.

Before you fold over the other side, cut out a festive shape (mine was a holly leaf) with a cookie cutter. Flip over the other side and crimp the edges to seal. Brush with a little egg or milk to get a lovely golden brown colour.

Bake on a baking sheet for 15 minutes at 180° until the filling has melted and mixed and the pastry is nicely golden. (You can put the cut out shapes on the baking sheet too - the Madhouse kids ate them while they were waiting for the chocolate/marmalade to cool down !)

Warning - the filling will be boiling hot so allow to cool for 15 minutes before biting into them !

Disclosure : I received some preserves in order to try out some festive baking.

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