Wednesday 26 November 2014

Too old for dolls? Maybe not for DesignaFriend (review)

A couple of weeks ago (where is the time going ? Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye at this rate !), you may have spotted lots (and lots and lots !) of tweets about our #DesignaFriend twitter party. As is always the way with twitter parties, it all got a bit hectic so I though it would be nice to show you just how beautiful the dolls are now that things have calmed down !

The twitter party was very much geared toward young and tween-aged girls, with colouring activities,  cupcakes, crafts and pass the parcel. Although Juliette and her friends had a great time, I would say that the DesignaFriend dolls would actually appeal to a slightly older audience too.

In the box, she looks just like a regular doll. Pretty but nothing particularly amazing.

But once you take her out of the box, you'll start to discover the wow-factor. The first thing everyone commented on was her face with big beautiful eyes (and the mums appreciated the fact that she looks childlike with a healthy natural glow and slightly chubby cheeks, rather than loads of make up and unrealistic bodily proportions). The next thing that made the girls ohh was her hair - "it's so soft", "it feels like real hair", "ooh can I brush it?"! She does indeed have glossy hair that feels lovely to the touch.

But what really takes the dolls to another level are the clothes and accessories in their pretty pink boxes that look like they have come out of some high-end designer boutique. 

They have beautiful materials and designs that actually look like proper clothes that real people would want to wear (rather than most cheap and cheerful dolls' clothes that usually look like a hastily sewn-together offcut of nasty polyester !) I actually heard several of the girls say that they'd love an outfit just like their doll - this would be a great idea for marketing if someone could come up with human-sized versions of some of the designs.

There are clothes for all occasions, from the basic day-to-day trousers and tops to the stylish dresses and glitzy pumps. It is this attention to detail, with finely crafted accessories and items that can be mixed and matched to create numerous different outfits, that make these dolls have an appeal more far-reaching than most normal dolls.

She may be into her teens now but even Sophie had fun putting together some funky looks and wistfully declaring that she wouldn't mind having that coat and boots to wear for winter !

One final lovely touch is the matching charm bracelets, one for the doll and one for the child. They must have heard us when we mused about wanting matching outfits to go with the dolls !

There are lots of different DesignaDolls available exclusively at Argos on the high street or at amazon online, with different eye colours, hair colours and hair lengths so you might want to pick one that resembles its intended recipient. It will undoubtedly be the gift that keeps on giving as you will be able to buy extra clothes and accessories as future birthday and Christmas gifts too.

If you're quick, you still have a couple of days to enter the competition on the UKMumsTV website to win your very own DesignaFriend doll just in time for Christmas too.

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  1. Pauline Burroughs26 November 2014 at 20:52

    My granddaughter would love one of these dolls. She'd spend hours dressing her in the outfits x

  2. My daughter absolutely loves these dolls and dressing them in there clothes


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