Sunday 9 November 2014

Furniss Gingers review

Furniss recently sent us through a selection of their scrummy ginger biscuits to review. We received Dark Chocolate Gingers, Spiced Lemon Gingers and Original Gingers. There was me thinking I'd be the only one to like them and that I'd be able to indulge in peace ... but the kids had a nibble, declared them delicious and they suddenly started disappearing mightily quickly !

They look just like homemade chunky cookies and they have a subtle ginger taste, with very little ginger heat, which is why the kids loved them. Their favourites were the chocolate ones, whereas I must admit, I had a soft spot for the originals, which had a stronger ginger flavour, because they remind me of eating Jamaican ginger cake and drinking ginger beer at my grandad's house as a teen !

Just in time for Christmas, Furniss have launched gifting packs that bring together their most popular biscuits from the range. As well as the Gingers Gift Pack that we received (RRP £5.99), there is a Gingers and Cornish Tea Gift Pack (RRP £6.99), which consists of Dark Chocolate Gingers and Original Gingers, complimented with ‘Smuggler’s Brew’ teabags from the Cornish Tea Company – a full-bodied brew, shipped from Kenya and blended in the heart of Cornwall.

Alongside the gift range, Gingers single boxes are available in Dark Chocolate Chip, Original, Blossom Honey and Spiced Lemon flavours (RRP £1.49 each). Whether you’re entertaining guests this Christmas or looking for a way to thank your hosts, these biscuits will make a welcome addition to the festive snack selection.

Don't assume Furniss are restricted to sweet options though. We tried some of their Cornish Sea Salt Oat Biscuits topped with pâté recently and they were just as tasty as the ginger biscuits. That's the festive nibbles sorted then !

star rating : 4.5/5

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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