Monday 24 November 2014

Do you know what you're feeding Fido ?!

Premium pet food brand Applaws have launched a fun campaign to educate pet owners about some of the key facts they should be aware of when reading the labels on their dogs' (and cats') dinners. For example, did you know that products labelled ‘with meat’ only have to have a minimum 4% meat by law ? No, neither did I - that's rather scary !

They have a quiz on their Facebook page that you can take to see if you "know your fluff and stuff" or if you've been "barking up the wrong tree" ! You can find it at I scored 75% which I thought was pretty good. The rather unsavoury titbit of information in my congratulatory message soon wiped the smile off my face though.

You know your pet 75% - Top score for a top dog!

You certainly know your dog facts, but did you know some leading brands of dog food contain as little as 4% of the named meat ingredient and even then it can be anything from lungs to guts and other gross bits?

Ewwww ! Did I really want to know that ?! Well, yes, I should really, because I'm sure Vicky and Didou would like to know they're only eating quality products and genuine meat. I therefore read with interest the infographic that Applaws have put together to show off their key findings.

(Click on the image to see a bigger version or find it online at

I was shocked to learn that a product labelled as "flavoured with" something doesn't actually have to contain any of the product - how misleading is that ? I was also surprised that products "high in" or "rich in" meat only need to contain 14%. That's certainly food for thought, if not for pets !

Disclosure:  Vicky and Didou will be receiving some goodies from Applaws, as a thankyou for taking part in the quiz and sharing my results.

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