Monday 10 November 2014

Here's what was hiding in October's Degustabox!

Where is the time going?! What with half term then our weekend in London, I can't believe it's already mid-November. It'll be Christmas in the blink of an eye ! But first, let's head back to Halloween for a moment, which is when my October Degustabox was delivered.

This month was an absolute cracker (oops that's taken us back to Christmas !) and we could recognise several family faves as soon as we opened the box.

The kids immediately took possession of the Brioche Pasquier Pains Au Lait and Sliced Brioche Loaf. The Madhouse kids are huge fans of this ultra soft and squishy bread, which goes just as well with sweet as savoury fillings. It's delicious straight from the bag but if you can wait long enough, toasting it briefly under the grill really brings out the butteriness. Perfect for mid afternoon snacks and breakfasts.

They also love the little squeezy bottles of squash because they're much lighter and easier for little fingers to manoeuver so they were over the moon to spot a bottle of Enhance. It has an orange and passion fruit flavour which has a slight sharpness to it and it's much less sweet than the other highly concentrated squeezy squash bottles that we've tried. Reading the enclosed information, it's designed to appeal to adult palates, but the whole family loved it. It gets an extra thumbs up for the fact that each glass only contains 1 calorie.

Next, I discovered a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans - my absolute faves and, as it was my birthday, I had no qualms about squirreling them away to enjoy all by myself when the kids are in bed ! Each jelly bean can take up to 21 days to create but believe me, it takes a lot less time to eat them - yum !

Next up was a product I'd never heard of - Solo Toasted Marshmallow Creme, which promises a campfire taste.

The back of the tub suggests using this to make S'mores which sounds like a brilliant idea, but Sophie has also been eating it on toast (and, I suspect, straight from the tub !) and has declared it the most amazing thing since Nutella !

The Kent's Kitchen Meal Kit caught my eye and looks right up my street. It promises a one, two, three step to an authentic, delicious, restaurant quality meal in just 20 minutes. This one is for a Bengal meal which sounds tantalisingly exotic and different. I can't wait to try this one out. The kit contains Bengal curry paste, curry spices and infused garlic oil and you need to add a tin of coconut milk, lamb, beef or chicken and fresh mint and coriander leaves to garnish. My mouth is watering just thinking about it !

Dr Oetker are always great for baking supplies and the Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate and Fine Dark Cocoa Powder in this month's kit sound perfect for making chocolate truffles or maybe cupcakes. They come with a recipe for Double Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins which sound rather tempting too.

There were also two squeezy bottles of Blue Dragon Original Sweet Chilli Sauce which has reminded me that I have some rice paper discs in the cupboard so I may well have to make some spring rolls, which go really well with this dipping sauce. As I have two bottles, I may have to get innovative and see what else I can use it for - I'm thinking it would make a nice sticky glaze for roast pork to give a nice tweak to my usual Sunday roast.

There was also a bag of Special K BBQ Cracker Crisps, a Get Buzzing natural bar and Bear Paws which were all munched before I got to take pictures - that says it all really ! They are all healthy but delicious options that turned out to be too tempting for the kids and Madhouse Daddy to resist ! There was also a free sample pack of Bear Alphabites, which we reviewed here.

This month saw the return of the Degustabox Fridge vouchers - this one was for Benecol Greek-style yogurt which is very tasty.

The recipe card for this month has some fab-sounding ideas - Maple Pecan Brioche Pudding and Easy Chocolate Creme Mousse both sound like desserts the whole family would love.

Degustabox have done themselves proud this month. Sometimes you get a slightly dud product that doesn't appeal (not always a bad thing because I like the chance to take my taste buds out of their comfort zone every now and then !) but this month, everything was greeted with an ooh of approval from all members of The Madhouse !

A Degustabox subscription costs £12.99 per month, delivery included, and they guarantee that the value of the products will be at least that, and often a lot more. You can get a £3 discount by using the code G2KOM.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a free box in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Wow you get a whole load of goodies in that box! I didn't realise they were so good.

  2. Looks fab, l would have hidden the jelly beans as well :)


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