Wednesday 12 November 2014

Look how she's grown ! (Our #DoraandFriends Twitter Party)

Last Monday, if you were anywhere near twitter, you probably couldn't have failed to notice news of a new Nick Jr show called Dora and Friends In The City. There was a rather manic twitter party going on as we got to know the new series, featuring none other than everyone's favourite explorer, Dora.

But she's got all grown up ! We all unanimously loved her new look and it's a great way of keeping fans of the original pre-schooler show interested as they grow up too. As you can see in the picture, she's gone hi-tech, owning a smartphone with a map app to replace the original paper map - how cool is that ?!

We all got to know her new friends from her school in the city of Playa Verde. Clockwise from top left we have : Alana, who loves playing football, trying exotic food and volunteering at the local animal shelter; Naiya, the brainy one who loves maths, science, history and studying the stars; Kate, the artistic one who loves singing, dancing, reading and acting; and finally - no, that's not Diego (which is what everyone thought !), it's Pablo, who loves sports and exploring the city. Oops, I missed out the picture of Emma - sorry about that ! - she's big into music and singing.

As you can see, and as you'd expect from a show starring Dora, they are all excellent role models for kids, featuring a wide range of interests and promoting healthy occupations and values like sport, learning and compassion.

This theme was further promoted in the opening episode, "Doggie Day!", in which Dora and her friends help a singing dog called Cusco find his lost puppy brothers. It's got everything you'd want from the original show - cute animals, catchy songs and lots of adventures with some Spanish words thrown in along the way.

In our party pack, there was some popcorn to eat as we watched the show but luckily, I'd provided extra food - all the guests were ravenous !

Can you see what the crab sticks spell out ?! It's supposed to say Dora !

I wasn't the only one being artistic with the food though !

We also had colouring books, pass the parcel and colourful leis.

There was even a red carpet and an inflatable palm tree to set the film première scene !

But the biggest attraction had to be the pinata which they had great fun bashing until it spilt out its secret stash of toys and sweets.

By now, energy levels were flagging (oh no, that might have just been me actually !) so it was time to send everyone home, proudly clutching their Dora And Friends In The City party bag. 

If you joined in with the twitter party (or even if you didn't but you wish you had !), don't forget there's another one this afternoon for #DesignaFriend from 4-6pm. There will be fun and games as well as prizes to be won so make sure you come along ! (Follow me on @cherylp59 and @UKMumsTV for more details or you can also search for the #DesignaFriend hashtag.)

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  1. Wow looks like you all had an amazing time. My daughter loved watching the new Dora, But really missed the 'we did it' shake your tooshie dance. haha.

    1. Yes, it does take a bit of getting used to but I love the fact that it's as well as the original rather than a replacement :)

  2. Wow - haven't heard about this - sounds like something my daughter would really like!



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