Saturday, 3 September 2011

new Encouragement range from Hallmark Cards

As a teacher, I know how valuable just a quick word of encouragement can be. Do you still remember getting a gold star on your work when you were in infant school ? Well, there you go. That's my point entirely. I therefore love the concept of these encouragement cards from Hallmark, just to show you care. Maybe because your friend needs a lift or maybe just because ...


Encouraging new range from Hallmark Cards
Because sometimes we just need a bit of a lift from someone who cares

Sometimes it’s hard to find both the right words and the right moment to show you care. The new Encouragement range from Hallmark Cards has been designed to help express your feelings and support without any awkward silences!

A lighter way of saying something sincere, the cards use humour, striking images and fun illustrations to communicate a range of messages. Ideal for parents with children and teenagers, the collection is a great way to strengthen relationships and express emotion in a comfortable and conversational way.

From showing how proud you are, helping someone feel better when things are tough or reminding a loved one how much you care, the range of 42 cards is perfect for back to school, leaving home for university or as a message of encouragement when life throws up something unexpected.

Sometimes it’s even as simple as letting someone know how much you admire them, just for being themselves, without being prompted by an occasion or significant date.


The Encouragement range is available now, priced from £1.05 (RRP), from selected Hallmark branded stores, high street card shops and selected supermarkets.

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  1. What a great idea - sometimes when i want to send a card I will send a blank greeting card with my own message added, however these cards will fill that hole in the market. Well done Hallmark!

  2. A clever idea and good to use if you can't find the right words to say!

  3. This new range of Encouragement cards from Hallmark is a fantastic idea. My teenage daughter is going through exam pressure right now and gets a bit disheartened sometimes. I'm sure a card like this would cheer her up no end.
    Thanks for reviewing.

  4. What a lovely idea - never seen any cards like this before

  5. These cards are a great idea! Would be a great pick me up for someone who needs a bit of encouragement or cheering up!

  6. Fantastic idea - Would never have known about these if I hadn't have read your blog. x

  7. These are sweet - would get one before my sister's university finals.

  8. Arrr this is such a sweet idea! Love it :)


  9. What a lovely idea. We all need a bit of encouragement now and again.


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