Thursday 1 October 2009

Beginning... by Maclaren - Protecting Nappy Change Balm

Before I even opened the tube, I loved the little phrases written on it - "beginning ... the journey of life", " MACLAREN - what a mother wants, what a baby needs", "purity, nurturing and connection ... from the beginning". Yes, I know it's only advertising but it made me feel good about the product before I even got inside the packaging !!

I have to admit, I knew all about the brand Maclaren but I thought they only specialised in prams and pushchairs ! How wrong was I ?! They also have a whole range of baby lotions and potions, all of which look absolutely gorgeous.

The blurb on the tube says : "Beginning holistic personal care products have been made with natural and organic ingredients, as well as 100% pure essential oils, in proportions that are safe for use during pregnancy and infancy". The nappy change balm is made "with a special blend of organic lavender, German chamomile, shea butter and aloe, to soothe and protect baby's bottom".

On to the testing, the first thing that hit me (in a good way ! ) was the lovely lavender smell. We get so brainwashed that baby products have to be scent-free that it's nice to actually find something that is gentle yet smells delicious. And lavender has soothing properties so hopefully it might help with calming baby and helping him sleep through the night. That would definitely be an added bonus !!

Unlike most nappy creams, the balm is quite light and similar to a mousse in texture. It isn't always completely absorbed by the skin but the excess can be wiped off easily the next time you change the nappy and it does seem to help soothe and hydrate the skin. Two-month-old Pierre had some slight redness when I first applied the balm and by the next nappy change, it had totally cleared up. Unlike lots of thick stodgy barrier creams, it doesn't feel at all greasy or gritty and it's easy to clean off your fingers - in fact, it smells so lovely, I rub the excess into my skin as hand cream !

It's pricey at £15 for 250ml but it is lovely and a little goes a long way so the tube will last for absolutely ages.

star rating : 5/5

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