Wednesday 28 October 2009

Dribblebuster - "Bibs for teething and dribbly babies"

"I'm forever blowing bubbles ... pretty bubbles in the air" - Pierre's latest game is blowing spit bubbles, which inevitably results in drool cascading down his chin and on to his top. And he's not even teething yet, it'll be even worse when he is ! At the moment, I'm still at that "new mummy" stage where you get a kick out of carefully choosing which little-man clothes to put on him for the day, so when - an hour later - he's all wet and dribbly on his top half, I don't really want to change him into something different (because the tops and bottoms are usually carefully coordinated !) The alternative solution, keeping him dry with a bib, isn't great either because they're usually so big they cover up his whole top half, so you can't see his clothes anyway, and bibs are invariably a bit manky and covered in stubborn food stains that didn't come out in the wash !

Well, Dribblebusters are the funky solution ! They're small enough to not completely hide him from the waist up and the colours and designs are also pretty enough that they look great as part of the outfit - as you can see in the above photo of Pierre. You can even buy matching Dribblebuster bibs and Tshirts !

The bibs are really absorbent but don't look wet, even when they are. The moisture seems to stay in the bib and doesn't go through on to the clothes underneath so baby stays totally dry and warm. The website describes them as "the fashion dribble bib that whisks away drool before chin, clothes and chest get wet" and explains that this is due to the double layer of cotton. I remember the girls having sore red chins when they were teething and dribbling constantly in the cold weather, so hopefully these Dribblebusters will help prevent that for Pierre.

The material is lovely and soft and the bib is tight enough to catch all the dribbles without being so tight it rubs his neck or annoys him. The velcro fastenings are quite adaptable anyway and make putting it on or taking off a piece of cake.

The girls keep calling him Lucky Luke - a popular French cartoon cowboy whose neckerchief does look surprisingly like a Dribblebuster !

Apparently the Daily Mail listed Dribblebusters as one of the 10 best healthy baby buys 2009 and I can see why. I didn't expect to be particularly impressed by a bib but they are very good quality. I also love the fact that a larger version is available for special needs children, because they look much more grown up and funky than the normal baby bibs.

RRP : £6.50 or PicknMix Multi Pack of 3 - £16.99

star rating : 4.5/5


  1. These are fab! I need to buy some

  2. beautiful bibs-especially the last-blue with white dots


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