Tuesday 27 October 2009

Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag

On their website, they say : "Our bestselling baby sleeping bags fit from 2-3 months right through to 2 years of age and are designed to be worn all year round. Breathable natural fibres regulate body temperature to keep baby safe and warm - but never too hot - in all seasons. You'll never have to worry if baby is too hot or cold again. There's no need to buy numerous sizes and TOGs which means they're great value too. " I tend to take everything I read on websites with a pinch of salt, but I have to say I was immediately very impressed with the sleeping bag.

First and foremostly, as soon as I pulled it out of the little drawstring bag (very handy for rolling it up so it's tiny for travelling or storage), I was amazed at how lovely and soft it felt. I couldn't help rubbing it against my cheek to feel how snuggly it felt, and judging by Pierre's big smile when it touched his skin, he felt the same !

I also love the funky stripy pattern - the sand/ivory and sage/ivory options are totally unisex or you can go for pink (petal) or blue (sky) if you prefer. Great if you don't want anything too kitsch, as is often the case with baby bedding !

Baby Merino products use "the finest New Zealand merino wool" but it doesn't feel at all as I was expecting - I find wool is sometimes a bit rough and scratchy on bare skin but this feels like very thick, good-quality Tshirt material. It's also fire-resistant, which is reassuring if you've ever seen the Watchdog or (going back a bit) That's Life reports of children's nightwear going up in flames in seconds. Other appreciable qualities of merino wool are that it can be tumble-dried on a low heat and it resists the build-up of odours. Definitely a good thing if baby likes doing middle-of-the-night pongy nappies !

Quality-wise, it can't be faulted. The press-studs and zip all feel very sturdy and high-quality and these are usually the first things to break on baby sleeping bags. Once closed, the press-studs don't keep popping open and the extra press-studs at the neck allow a wide neck-opening. The very long zip opens right to the bottom so you can do a nappy change without even taking baby out of the sleeping bag. The one-size-fits-all is fine for Pierre, who is 3 & 1/2 months old - I was a bit worried about him being lost in it or it being dangerously baggy with the risk of him slipping down inside. No chance, it's the perfect fit - and according to the labels, should last until he's 24 months old. I was a bit surprised there wasn't a press-stud on the back to fold over and shorten it in the early months (as there is on his old model, which has now been relegated to the cast-offs cupboard because it is nowhere near as soft !!). I'm sure I'll get used used to it but it does seem awkwardly long at the moment - it does come in handy when doing a night feed though, as I can snuggle under the left over bottom bit so I don't get cold !!

On the website, they claim : "Every day we hear from more delighted parents telling us how well their babies are sleeping in their merino baby clothing and sleep bags. A merino sleeping bag will help your baby sleep through the night, be more rested and grow faster too!" I smiled to myself when I read that and thought it was just another exaggerated advertising claim, but I have to admit that Pierre - who up to now has given us about four or five complete nights of sleep in total, by which I mean waking up around 5.30 instead of 3am for a feed - wore his new sleeping bag last night for the first time and slept right through from 10.30pm to 7.45am ! Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe it's that ultra-soft material that makes him think I'm gently nuzzling his face all night !!

My one regret is that they don't make these in adult sizes !!!

star rating : 5/5
RRP : £49.95

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