Monday 19 October 2009

Jangneus Design eco-cleaning cloths - Swedish Kitchen Culture !

I love stuff that is funky AND functional and these environmentally-friendly cleaning cloths certainly tick both boxes. Made from natural materials (cellulose, which is a by-product from paper making, and recycled cotton), they are washable (up to 60°) - which means you can use them for longer, sticking them in the washing machine rather than the bin when they start getting a bit slimy or pongy ! - and when they've reached the point of no return, they are 100% biodegradable so you can fling them on the compost heap, feeling smug and happy that you haven't added to the growing landfill problem.

They arrived nicely wrapped in green ribbon, looking so much more impressive than the usual plastic-wrapped dishcloths you buy in the supermarket. I love the cute designs on them - it put a smile on my face whenever I went to the kitchen to do the washing-up and wipe down the surfaces, and that's no mean feat !

The funky designs are available in a choice of colours - blue, green, purple, black, yellow and red - and ten different designs : a heart, flowers, leaves, flower doodles, stars, stripes, spots, fish and a bird, so you can grab a selection and give your kitchen a mini-makeover whenever you feel like a change . You also have the option of colour-coding your cloths for optimising hygiene, using for example yellow for the worktops, green for the washing up, black for the doggy paw prints, blue for the toilet ! This would avoid nasty mix-ups and contamination when someone inevitably uses the wrong cloth !

They are very absorbent but also dry out quickly in between uses. They seem to be quite hard-wearing and look like they should last for quite a while. I love the exotic aspect - "made in Sweden and printed by hand in the Cotswolds". Ikea, eat your heart out !!

For something a bit different, you can buy a "cloth gift subscription" on their website and get a fresh clean cloth delivered to the person of your choice (or yourself) every month. That could be good for that hard-to-buy-for person at Christmas !

Delivery is free within the UK and prices range from £1.75 - £2.50, depending on the number of cloths ordered.

star rating : 4.5/5

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