Monday 12 October 2009

Bravado - The "Sublime" Nursing Bra

Bravado's slogan is "Bras fit for for breastfeeding". So does that mean they're fit for the job, they're a perfect fit or they make you look fit ?! Well, when it comes to the Sublime Nursing Bra, I'd have to say all three !

It's all too easy when you're breastfeeding to feel more like a dairy cow than a yummy mummy ! With their soft delicate lace, cotton lining and gorgeous colours that you don't find for many nursing bras (even the names - French Vanilla or Black Cherry - scream sexy lingerie more than maternity wear ! ), these bras will have you feeling sexy and sensuous and allow you to get back some of your femininity.

The blurb on the packaging says they are "luminously feminine, fabulously supportive (up to a K cup) and perfect for both pregnancy and breastfeeding". To help you be even more of a yummy mummy, you can also buy matching knickers.

I have to admit that they are not quite as comfortable as some of the stretchier nursing bras I've tested, tending to feel slightly tight and pinch a bit just before each feed. The cup opens very wide, making breastfeeding easy and comfortable, and the clips are very simple to open and do back up with one hand. One negative point is there is nothing to keep breast pads in place.

But these slight disadvantages are far outweighed by the fact that this range shows that breastfeeding and sexiness don't have to be mutually exclusive ! Guaranteed to put a smile back on Daddy's face !

RRP : £35

star rating : 4.5/5

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